Naymur is a football kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Naymur has a giant body in the shape of a black and white football. His reptilian skin is coloured black though his claws are more dense and red in colour. He has a cone shaped head with two small yellow eyes, two claws, two stubby feet and a long tail that constantly twists and twirls.


Naymur visited Earth shortly after the long battle with Authoris. Using alien technology to abduct Oh Pi, he brought multiple kaiju to an intergalactic football stadium. Resurrecting some of the kaiju that Oh Pi had fought or befriended in the past and splitting them into two teams, he set them against each other in a football match to determine who would be the best players for his football team. When Oh Pi realized his team wouldn't win, he transformed into the football himself and ordered his team to kick him directly into the enemy field. Crashing directly into the net, he created a huge explosion and destroyed the stadium. Naymur then descended to the field to give Oh Pi a penalty. Oh Pi turned around and charged towards him but was sent back to Earth. Naymur got his comeuppance when he realized that Oh Pi had transformed all of the dead kaiju into active bombs.


  • Slicing: Naymur can slice through things using his sharp claws.
  • Football Shell: Like a turtle, Naymur can retreat into his football shell.
  • Bouncing: When hiding in his shell, Naymur can bounce up and down to propel himself through the air.


  • Naymur got his name from Neymar, the football player.
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