Neronga is a Kaiju that feeds off electricity, and a possible relative of a few other creatures. This article is about the version of this Kaiju that appears in the Ultraman 2017 reboot.


Neronga in the reboot universe looks almost exactly like he did in the original universe.


Awoken by man and bellowing in hunger, Neronga emerged from underground, and headed for a nearby power plant to drain the energy. Soon the Science Patrol is called in to locate the monster. On arrival, Neronga was invisible and attacking a Transition Station, and the Science Patrol began to open fire with their lasers, only angering the beast, who struck back with a beam of electricity. The crew survived, but Neronga escaped, looking for more energy.

Predicting Neronga would attack at another power plant, the Science Patrol forced the monster to become visible with their weaponry. Enraged, Neronga fought back by hurling a huge ship, destroying the entire plant and resumed attacking the Science Patrol with his electric bolts. One of the Science Patrol members managed to blow out one of Neronga's eyes but this only angered the monster even more. Hayata transformed into Ultraman and manhandles the beast, beating him like crazy, but Neronga still fought back. Before long, Ultraman tossed the monster into the air, and finished it with the Specium Ray. Despite the damage he had caused, The Science Patrol respected the monster for it's willingness to fight to the bitter end.


  • Borrowing
    Neronga horns

    Neronga's horns moving up and down.

  • Electric beams
  • Electricity absorption
  • Neronga's antlers move up and down
  • Invisibility


  • In both the original series and the reboot, Neronga is the first Kaiju in the series to not come from space
  • Neronga is one of the Kaiju made from the Baragon suit, along with Gabora and Magular. Oh, and Pagos to, but this isn't the 2017 Ultra Q reboot, now is it?