Nerongabora is a fusion of Neronga and Gabora created by Alien Bat to defeat Ultraman Fusion. He was the first kaiju Fusion ever faced.


Nerongabora mostly looks like Gabora, but with Neronga's horns and back plaiting.


Nerongabora was the first kaiju fusion Alien Bat created to use against Ultraman Fusion. After creating the creature, Bat sent it to attack a Japanese city. Soon after it started rampaging, Ultraman Fusion appeared. Nerongabora began to borrow around and avoid Fusion's attacks or deflect them with his head shield. He also used his invisibility power to play further tricks on the Ultra. However, Fusion was able to defeat Nerongabora after a relatively short battle, killing the creature with his Specium Storm form's main beam attack.


  • Electricity absorption
  • shell head thingy
  • Electric Uranium Beam
  • Burrowing
  • Invisibility


  • Yes I know I used the guy who made the Bridge's art. It was the only transparent image I could find of these two characters.
  • Despite being the first Kaiju Ultraman Fusion faced, Nerongabora was the second to receive a page, with the repurposed Gyangular being the first.