The Nightmare Creatures are the main antagonists of Ultraman Mana.

Stats Edit

  • Uncountable Height
  • Uncountable Weight

History Edit

There isn't much info on the Nightmare Creatures. However, we do know that they are apparently enemies of the Ultras.

Council of Creators Edit

Main Article: Council of Creators Episode 28

In the 28th episode, a single Nightmare Creature shaped like a dog merged with Cdrzillafanon's body while he was asleep, turning him into a human-canine hybrid for reasons it didn't fully explain. It claimed it wanted to mutate him so that it could use his other forms to conquer the Earth. After Cdrzillafanon was triggered by Scoobydooman90001 showing him bad Godzilla fan art, he was able to expel the Nightmare Creature from his body and kill it. It died a painful, miserable death.

Abilities Edit

  • The Nightmare Creatures seem to be able to make other living beings transform after merging their power with them, such as when one turned Cdr into a human-canine hybrid.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Every Nightmare Creature has a different design.
  • The Nightmare Creatures' color scheme were inspired by the Shadow Creatures.

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