No Pi is a failed experiment created by Scoobydooman90001.

Appearance Edit

No Pi resembles a human being and has many features a human would have. However, his hands are mere stubs and his head resembles Oh Pi's body. Strangely, he still has Oh Pi's feet despite having human legs and therefore doesn't have to wear shoes.

History Edit

No Pi was created when a mad scientist manage to obtain some of Oh Pi's DNA. The scientist intended to create an army of invincible Ohpinian / Human hybrid soldiers. However, this experiment was an absolute failure as No Pi instantly began believing he was Oh Pi. Fortunately, he was found before anything serious could happen to him and was oddly brought into the safety of a retirement home for the elderly. After being somewhat rehabilitated, he left the custody of the retirement home to travel the world in order to see everything there is to see.

Abilities Edit

  • Second Mouth: Despite being created from Oh Pi's genes, No Pi only inherited Oh Pi's second mouth. He didn't actually use this second mouth for much though he did occasionally taunt other people by snapping it open and shut. He also used it to eat birds.

Trivia Edit

  • Nobody knows why No Pi likes to eat birds as it isn't a common trait displayed by Oh Pi. However, it was suggested that the human the genes were taken from had some strange fascination for eating live birds.
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