No Pi is a failed experiment created by Scoobydooman90001.

Appearance Edit

No Pi resembles a human being and has many features a human would have. However, his hands are mere stubs and his head resembles a skin-coloured version of Oh Pi. Strangely, he still has Oh Pi's feet despite having human legs and therefore doesn't have to wear shoes.

History Edit

No Pi was created when Doctor Monroe, a mad scientist, managed to obtain some of Oh Pi's DNA following his fight with Bunny. The scientist intended to mass-produce these clones for multiple purposes, be it for everyday household work or for an army of invincible Ohpinian / Human hybrid soldiers. However, this experiment was a failure as No Pi retained Oh Pi's level of intelligence and lacked all of his abilities. David, Barry, Susan and Katherine soon took No Pi into their custody so that they could study him and analyze him. Upon meeting Oh Pi, memories of Oh Pi's battles were triggered and he began to undergo an existential crisis. Believing he was Oh Pi, he headed out to fight crime, actually making things worse than they already were. The team soon cornered him in an alleyway where Oh Pi 'fixed' him, erasing his memories and replacing them with the memories of someone else. Now incredibly intelligent and able to speak, No Pi informed them he had a flight to catch and headed away to an airport. It was there that he was confronted by two Sockheads, minions of the Plot who had been ordered to capture him and take him away for experimentation.

Abilities Edit

  • Second Tongue: Despite being created from Oh Pi's genes, No Pi only inherited Oh Pi's second mouth ability in the form of a second tongue. He didn't often use this ability and was only seen using it to grab a small photo and drag it into his mouth so that he could eat it. Though he wasn't seen doing so, No Pi likes to eat birds with this ability.

Trivia Edit

  • Nobody knows why No Pi likes to eat birds as it isn't a common trait displayed by Oh Pi. However, it was suggested that the human the genes were taken from had some strange fascination for eating live birds.
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