Nuntius is a time traveling squid kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Nuntius is a giant pale blue squid. He has a giant red sideways eye and six long tentacles. The creature also has four smaller tentacles circling around his teeth. His head is very wobbly, like jelly.


Nuntius was first discovered when a group of scientists discovered a completely devastated version of Earth in another universe. They learnt of the existence of something called Chain Mail. Wanting to obtain it, they ran multiple tests to try and pass through into that universe. Believing the scientists were chasing an ancient artifact known as the Chain Mail Armour of Enlightenment, an inter-dimensional taskforce followed them through to Universe 999999999. Unable to stop them from testing, they attempted sabotaging the experiment but was dragged through to the other universe along with the scientists. They then discovered that Chain Mail was actually a giant squid creature called Nuntius with the ability to reach through to other universes and time travel. The creature forced the scientists to send chain mail messages to their friends and family but they all refused, stating that chain mail messages are stupid and pointless. The creature then opened a wormhole beneath them and sent them to another unknown universe.


  • Time Travel: Nuntius is able to travel through time and reach through universes. He uses these powers to telepathically send chain mail to people. They then create their own chain mail messages or spread existing ones. Somehow, this feeds Nuntius.


  • The reason we can never get rid of stupid chain mail messages is because this creature is hiding in Universe 999999999 where nobody can find or hurt him. We'll unfortunately never get rid of chain mail. It's kind of sad.
  • This kaiju was created because my gullible sister won't stop sending me annoying chain mail. I'm very surprised that people still send that crap.
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