Oh Petta is a young Ohpinian kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001. She is a parallel version of Oh Pi from a parallel universe.


Oh Petta is a gigantic pink fluffy Kaiju. She has a rather spherical shape, a big beak, two pink antennae and gigantic purple feet. This is because she is a child and has not fully developed. It is unknown what her other forms would look like and whether they would resemble Oh Pi's other forms.


Oh Pi first met Oh Petta when the GKDF were dragged through a portal and into an alternate universe. In this alternate universe, Oh Pi was a female kaiju called Oh Petta and was a very weak kaiju, often helping the over-powered parallel version of Nurth in his battles. In this universe, Verri Opee was a good guy and was called 'Verri Kariz Matik'. After a battle with the alternate version of Valvus, a wormhole opened leading back to Oh Pi's universe. However, he refused to go without Oh Petta, who he had fell in love with. The parallel versions of the GKDF members agreed to this as they still had two other kaiju to help defend them. Oh Pi, Oh Petta and the normal versions of the GKDF members then went through the wormhole and back to their universe. Oh Pi and Oh Petta remained together for the rest of their lives in a never-ending loving relationship.


Unlike Oh Pi, Oh Petta is very weak and does not have many powers. Unlike Oh Pi, she is unable to learn any new abilities. Her abilities are:

  • Flight: Oh Petta is able to levitate above the ground with ease and is able to fly at incredibly quick speeds.
  • Lasers: Oh Petta is able to fire lasers from her eyes and antennae. The eye lasers are able to destroy entire buildings and environments while the antennae lasers can be used to grab and move objects.
  • Speech: Oh Petta is able to speak some languages native to Earth.


  • Due to being a parallel version of Oh Pi from an alternate universe, Oh Pi is technically dating himself.
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