This article covers the original series featuring Oh Pi that was cancelled. Information concerning The New Adventures of Oh Pi can be found here. Oh Pi was planned to be set on an alternate version of Earth in the modern day and would have featured Oh Pi and Nurth assisting a task force called the GKDF to defend Earth from kaiju.

Plot Edit

On an alternate version of Earth in 2016, the world has united as one to defend their planet. Taking place in Ganithrum (the equivalent of London in this universe), this series followed the adventures of five agents in the GKDF named Frank Marsh, Barry Barrow, Susan Grant, Katherine Hill and David Daykin. Working together as a team, they would help defend Ganithrum from any giant threats. When joined by Oh Pi and Nurth, things begin to get a lot crazier and many strange things happen. For the GKDF, it's just another normal day at work!

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Oh Pi
  • Nurth
  • Frank Marsh
  • Barry Barrow
  • Susan Grant
  • Katherine Hill
  • David Daykin

Main Villains Edit

Other Kaiju Edit

Episodes Edit

The first series was planned to be 20 episodes long and would have been standalone stories that were all revealed to have been tied together during the final episode. Though the series was never cancelled, the first episode was mostly completed and has made available to view on this page. All of the stories planned for this series were later adapted for The New Adventures of Oh Pi with the exception of a story featuring Oh Pi fighting Keemosaur in a dream world.

Gallery Edit

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