The Story of David was planned to be the first episode of the first series of Oh Pi, written by Scoobydooman90001. This story would have set up the premise of the series, the main characters, the main setting, the over-arching plot line and anything else that could have been considered important. However, the series was later cancelled due to a number of reasons, leaving the first episode largely unfinished. The fifteen pages of the unfinished first draft that was written were saved and have been uploaded here for you to read below. This story was later adapted for The New Adventures of Oh Pi and can be found on this page.




This is the episode plan that was used when writing the story. The text highlighted in green indicates what has been written and the text highlighted in black indicates what remained to be written.




Differences in The Arrival of Oh Pi

There are many differences between this story and the adapted version, as listed below:

  • The original version of the story takes place in 2016, while the adapted version takes place in the year 3007.
  • The team are already together at the beginning of the story and are introduced one after the other.
  • The city is named the Virtue Sector and not Ganithrum. As such, the team is named the Virtue Kaiju Unit and not the Ganithrum Kaiju Defense Force.
  • David's family and home is never seen.
  • Oh Pi is discovered in the mountains instead of the woods.
  • Oh Pi arrives on Earth within a green metallic pod.
  • Oh Pi acts more like an animal in the adapted version.
  • Oh Pi does not confirm that his name is Oh Pi in the adapted version.
  • There are no secret tunnels seen underneath the ground.
  • Skarazanni reveals his name through a humming sound instead of through a pulse.
  • The circles on Skarazanni's arms do not flash in the adapted version.
  • Skarazanni arrives in a pod instead of a meteor.
  • Skarazanni is able to resist the military's attempts at attacking it in the adapted version.


  • The reference to Mothra was secretly setting up a joke that would have been answered in the second series. During the battle with Authoris, many of the Godzilla monsters would have been unleashed on the Earth. The fictional Mothra was to have been challenged by the 'real' Mothra, proving Katherine was not lying.
  • The title of the story is not a reference to the biblical story, The Story of David. Each main character was to feature in a story focused primarily on them. Each of these stories would be titled 'The Story of...' and would act as character pieces to develop the titular characters.

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