Ohpinian is the term used to refer to a species of powerful beings from The New Adventures of Oh Pi that are as old as the universe. Though the species has no actual name in-universe, the term Ohpinian was given to them by the humans after Oh Pi, the only true member of the species. Outside of the Oh Pi universe, the same name was given to the species by the Ohpinians themselves, naming their species after Oh Pi. The Ohpinian race was created and named by Scoobydooman90001. The name inspired the creation of the fan-made planet, Ohpinia, which became officially canon as of Meanwhile on Ohpinia One.

Species Description

This section covers the information pertaining specifically to Oh Pi's universe and the Ohpinians living on Ohpinia One. Information on fan-made content is at the bottom of the page.

Only one Ohpinian exists in each main universe as it goes through its cycle of beginning and ending. They are created at the beginning of the universe by an almighty being that refers to herself as Birth so that they can help her keep the universe in balance. Sometimes, more than one Ohpinian may be born at the beginning of the universe, though this is a very rare occurrence. In such instances, the impure Ohpinian is banished to the After Time, an endless void that exists outside of the universe after time has ceased to exist. Verri Opee is the only Ohpinian known to have escaped the After Time. Spores left behind by Birth soon drifted outside of the main universe and manifested into new Ohpinians on a planet that they later named Ohpinia One. Existing across the rest of the multiverse, these Ohpinians expanded to become a thriving species that manage the majority of the outside universes in the Oh Pi multiverse.

Ohpinians have a rather unique development cycle. They all start out with similar round appearances, though some have arms, some have legs and some have large oval-shaped feet. As they age, they begin to take on new forms based on the planets and cultures they have adapted to. The majority of Ohpinians often take on the forms of animals as they grow up, retaining the colours they were born with. Ba Zan, who somewhat resembles a bee, is a clear example of this. Negative influences on an Ohpinian can result in them taking on very deformed appearances such as the one taken on by Verri Opee. Ohpinians can be locked in certain forms. This happened to Oh Pi when he developed into a teenager and happened again after he reverted back.

Notable Individuals

Oh Pi

Oh Pi was created by Birth at the beginning of the universe. He remained inside of his birth pod until arriving on Earth in the year 3007, where he met the Virtue Kaiju Unit and befriended them. While there, he defended the Earth from multiple villainous creatures such as Skarazanni, Kanun, Krizmus and Authoris. He eventually traveled to a parallel universe derived from his, where he met Oh Petta. He took her back to his universe, creating Ohpinian history by having two Ohpinians present in one universe at the same time. They later had a son called Redi, though he transported into the future long after his parents had seemingly vanished.

Verri Opee

Verri was born at the beginning of the universe with Oh Pi, effectively making them brothers. Deemed as the impure Ohpinian, Verri was banished to the After Time where he spent most of his life. Unlike other Ohpinians banished to the After Time in other universes, he discovered that the After Time was actually home to powerful beings with no physical body. Communicating with them for the majority of life, he took on a distorted form as he grew up, He eventually escaped after the Plot directed a portal created by Valvus to the After Time. He finally met his brother and they soon fought, though Oh Pi came out victorious. Verri was later resurrected during Oh Pi's battle with Death. However his resurrection was botched and his body became even more deformed. He lost all of his abilities with the exception of being able to possess other living beings until their bodies expired. This led to his downfall as he ended up being trapped inside of a sentient plant.

Oh Petta

Oh Petta is a parallel version of Oh Pi from a parallel universe derived from his. She met Oh Pi after he slipped out of his universe. The two Ohpinians soon fell in love and she followed him back to his universe. Oh Petta is not as strong as Oh Pi and therefore doesn't often participate in battles unless her help is needed.


At some point, Oh Pi and Oh Petta conceived a child and she laid an egg. To protect their child from the devastating attack on Earth, Oh Pi sent this egg into the 112th century where it would be safe from harm. Redi eventually hatched from this egg and made his way to Tiraxus, one of the planets that had colonized by the humans after the destruction of the Earth. He befriended two teenagers and helped them battle evil kaiju before coming face to face with Dominion, a race of demons who had conquered most of the universe. He managed to successfully topple their government and free the universe from their rule.


  • No Pi is a clone of Oh Pi that was created using human genes and Ohpinian genes. He was intended to be the first of many and was to be the leader of an army of super soldiers. However, he didn't have any abilities possessed by Oh Pi and displayed more human traits. He was considered a failure and the project was abandoned.
  • Not much is known about Pi-Oh as he only had one major role in one episode as a one-off joke character. It is unknown if he even is an Ohpinian outside of resembling one. Though the episode is still canon, he appears with no given explanation and none of the characters question where he came from. He is absent in every other episode and isn't remembered by any of the characters who met him. He would mostly just lurk in the background and attempt to make funny jokes. However, he proved his worth after defeating Pluto. He later made a brief in the fifth season of the series and yet again went unnoticed.
  • The Verri Ekofrend Li were created after multiple bees pollinated the plant inhabited by the decaying Verri Opee. The bees mutated into hybrid creatures and attempted to avenge their father by attacking Oh Pi. However, Oh Pi soon got the best of them and killed them.
  • Though Digital Oh Pi isn't an actual Ohpinian, he was modeled after Oh Pi and is therefore classified as an Ohpinian. He was created by a race of aliens under the guise of a video game company, claiming to have desires to create an Oh Pi Virtual Reality game. Using known data they had previously collected on Oh Pi, the aliens created Digital Oh Pi and unleashed him into reality so that he could turn the world into a digital landscape. He was soon defeated by Oh Pi and destroyed in the recycle bin on the computer.
  • Nightmare Oh Pi is one of the beings living in the Nightmare universe derived from Oh Pi's universe. It started as a small rock-like creature before sampling some of Oh Pi's DNA, changing to match his appearance. Because of this, it isn't a true Ohpinian and is just a creature that has adapted to become like one.

In Related Series

In unofficial content created by other users, the Ohpinian race has different origins. The most common origin used in fan content is that the Ohpinians came from one of many other planets named Ohpinia, teeming with life. Ohpinians of many shapes and colour live on these planets in peace and harmony.

Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures

In Universe 666, Oh Pi came from the planet Ohpinia. The planet was destroyed by Xertra. However, Oh Pi was saved when his parents launched him into space, leaving him as the only Ohpinian in the universe. He became a superhero and traveled the universe. He soon encountered Jefferey and fought him throughout time, creating the universe.

The Zany Adventures of Ho-Ip

This universe is home to Planet Ohpinia and the zany adventures of Ho-Ip. Ohpinia is a thriving planet not too different from modern day Earth, except for the worldwide Government controlled by secret puppetmasters that kept the world under their thumbs. They eventually began to create mutant Ohpinians by crossing animal DNA with Ohpinian infants, and conditioning them from birth to serve their will. Eventually, word and details of this technology reached a Baphometic cult that tried to cross DNA of their leader Pi-Oh and a goat to summon their god Baphomet, but due to their being only amateur scientists created the adorable abomination Ho-Ip, who was ironically chosen by Baphomet to be his new vessel in the world. Later, other animal hybrid Ophinions were created to combat Baphomet's new form, Bapho-Ip, with the first of these being Gro-Che, and Ko-Tok and Ta-Kon being created some time after.

In Other Fiction

  • Though Ohpinians do not exist in Universe 1000, a sprite of Oh Pi is used on every computer as a helper program. It is the equivalent of the Microsoft paper clip though is not as annoying. Other than that, Sprite Oh Pi serves no purpose.
  • In the StickVerse, Oh Pi exists as a pencil sketch and comes from the planet Ohpinia. He came to Earth to protect it but was dismayed to find no pencil sketch equivalents of the kaiju from The New Adventures of Oh Pi. Despite this, he still fights for humanity and resides on Poorly Drawn Monster Island.
  • Oh_Pi.exe is a parody of the well-known Sonic.exe creepypasta. Blood pours out of his eye and he acts incredibly edgy, believing himself to be the true god. However, nobody takes him seriously. Nobody knows where he is now.
  • In Universe 1, a second Sprite Oh Pi was accidentally created in the Wikizilla Chat Room when the Council of Creators members Cdrzillafanon and Scoobydooman90001 were joking around. Alongside this Sprite Oh Pi, another Oh Pi sprite originally known as 8-bit Oh Pi, who was later corrupted and transformed into Oh_Pi.exe, was born. Technically being related to one another, this made the two sprites brothers, similar to the original Oh Pi and Verri. The two sprites battled one another before both disappeared to parts unknown.


The New Adventures of Oh Pi

The Zany Adventures of Ho-Ip

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