Orgalord is our almighty Orgalord who is worshipped by many is a godly entity. He is the same character as the Orga that appeared in Orga is Love, Orga is Life.

Appearance Edit

Our Orgalord resembles the majestic Kaiju known as Orga.

History Edit

No one knows where the Orgalord originated. Some say he's just Orga. Some say he has godly powers. Whatever the case, our Orgalord is a great Kaiju who has gained quite a following in the form of the cult of Orga. They worship the almighty Orgalord and even fight for him. Our Orgalord is benevolent however, and even absolved his former enemy Godzilla of his sins. Our Orgalord continues to do amazing things and fight evil to this day, and we can only hope to continue to be graced with his presence.

Abilities Edit

  • Godly powers
  • Flight
  • All of Orga's abilities

Trivia Edit

  • Orgalord was inspired by The King of The Monsters, an admin on He made many jokes on the Wikizilla chat about Orga being an almighty god, similar to the Skeleturtle joke. He also inspired the Orga is Love Orga is Life story, along with this page. Thank you kind sir for the inspiration.

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