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The Overgrown Tongue Louse is a parasitic creature created by Scoobydooman90001.


The Overgrown Tongue Louse has a cute, deceiving appearance. It is very pale in colour and has a small face embedded within its outer body, which acts as a sort of shell. It has two black beady eyes and six thin legs. It is shaped somewhat like a tongue so that it can perform the function it has adapted to perform. Lucifer created two different mutated tongue louse hybrids, one with a humanoid body and one with wings and a sack for spitting acidic liquids on enemies.


  • Tongue Eating: After entering the body of its victim, the Overgrown Tongue Louse will locate the creatures tongue and attach itself to it, slowly digesting it. It then connects itself to the mouth and becomes the creatures tongue. It is able to perform the same functions a normal tongue is able to perform. It does this so it can feed on the blood and the mucus of its victim. The Overgrown Tongue Louse is so large that its tail reaches down the victims throat. This causes its victim to find some difficulty with breathing. However, it doesn't completely stop the victim from breathing. This causes them a lot of horrific pain.
  • Mobility: The Overgrown Tongue Louse has adapted so that it is able to live on land. This gives it a bigger range of victims to choose from.


  • The Overgrown Tongue Louses come in multiple sizes and are often found living in large groups. They do this so that they can ambush large groups of kaiju at a time.
  • The design and concept of the Overgrown Tongue Louse is inspired from the real life animal, the tongue-eating louse, also known as Cymothoa Exigua.
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