P-rex (Pレックス Pī rekkusu) is a kaiju created by MosuFan2004.


America was testing their B53 nuke on an unknown island, on that island there were members from Predatorius Rex species, the nuke killed every P-rex except one for some reason, that one P-rex got mutated because of the nuclear energy. The last P-rex wanted revenge. 10 years later, P-rex found New York, he attacked it, destroyed every building he saw. Later America send their tanks and jets to kill the P-rex, they were useless, P-rex used his atomic fire breath and destroyed the military. P-rex destroyed New York and came back to the ocean. 5 years later, America decided to nuke the creature to be sure that the destruction is not going to happen again, America found the creature and sent a nuke to it, P-rex saw the nuke and somehow his fire evolved into a beam, he destroyed the nuke in the air and came back to ocean. After that he joined the good kaiju of Universe 2004 because of memes.

Council of Creators

Episode 4

Heritage was still whining about his terrible life. At this point, the surrounding creatures were tired of dealing with him. P-rex had arrived to deal with the stench. He was about to give Heritage the death he desired, when the portal opened up, and Mr Hankey grabbed Heritage by his one arm, before the portal closed. P-rex burned the ground with the Atomic fire he had intended for Heritage.


  • Atomic Fire: P-rex can shoot atomic fire from his mouth and the fire is yellow in colour.
  • Atomic Beam: P-rex can fire an atomic beam from his mouth and the beam is yellow in colour.
  • Agility: P-rex is very agile, like Zilla.
  • Swim: P-rex can swim pretty fast.


  • P-rex is the only kaiju from Universe 2004 that didn't start as a joke or a meme.


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