Papyrus Jaguar is the version of Jet Jaguar from Universe 2015 after he was infected with the Undertale Virus.


Papyrus Jaguar looks like Jet Jaguar colored to look like Papyrus.


Papyrus Jaguar was once the Jet Jaguar of Universe 2015. When his universe was struck with the undertale virus, JJ was one of many to fall victim, transforming into a giant robotic version of Papyrus. As such, he quickly befriended Sanszilla after being infected. When a battle between Void Gas and The Wormhole Maker destroyed his universe, Papyrus Jagur fell into a wormhole and ended up in Universe 1602. After a while he met up with Sanszilla and the two continue to be cancerous together and spread the virus or whatever it was they wanted to do. He and Sanszilla later took control of Undertale's fandom, but this didn't last because the two are bumbling idiots. Now they just kind of wander around, doing something I guess.


  • Papyrus Jaguar retains all of Jet Jaguar's abilities.
  • Papyrus Jaguar can spread the Undertale Virus at will.
  • Being stylish
  • Eye Beams. For some reason, Papyrus Jaguar can now shoot beams from his eyes.
  • If Papyrus from Undertale has any special abilities, Papyrus Jaguar has them as well.


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  • The image was made by Mechanicorga. Apologies for being late on adding this. Furthermore, no offense is intended towards the creator, or the reader for that matter if they are a fan of Undertale. This Kaiju simply exists to parody Undertale's fandom and the overexposure of Sans and Papyrus.