Parasites (Japansee translation, Kiseichu) are parasitic creatures from space.

History Edit

Apon being carried here by a meteor, they started to infect the people in Tokyo. The people became zombies, in short. The infection continued until Godzilla appeared. They attempted to swarm him, but Godzilla used his atomic fire breath, destroyed a large amount. Then, they started to merge into one. This giant one summoned more of them. They attaempted to swarm him, and failed again. So the only one left was the Alpha. Godzilla and the Alpha clashed. Eventually, the Alpha attaempted to infect Godzilla, but Godzilla killed it as it attempted to attach itself to Godzilla's head.

Description Edit

The Parasites are espresso- brown in color, and have black eyes. They have horn- like appendages, except the Alpha has more prominent horns than the normal Parasites. Also, the Alpha is in an upright stance, rather than being low to the ground, which is reminiscent in the normal Parasites.

Abilities Edit

Infectants Edit

  • Infection
  • Merging

Alpha Edit

  • Horn Beams
  • Summoning Infectants
  • Infecting large organisms (last resort)

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