Pigmon is a small Kaiju who appears in the Ultraman 2017 Reboot.


Pigmon in the reboot universe is identical to his Ultraman Max incarnation.


While most of the creatures on the Lawless Monster Zone were vicious, Pigmon was not. The diminutive Kaiju helped the injured sole survivor of the attacked scientist group by giving him food, and led the SSSP to him when they arrived on the island. When Red King attacked, Pigmon distracted the creature while the Science Patrol escaped, but was unfortunately killed bye Red King when the savage beast caused a landslide with a huge rock, crushing the poor small creature to death. Pigmon would not be forgotten however, and the SSSP honored his sacrifice, and mourned the death of this small, brave creature.


Due to being based on his original incarnation, Pigmon has no special abilities.


  • Though a few of the Kaiju in the Ultraman 2017 reboot have been treated with sympathy, much more so than their original appearances, Pigmon, much like the original series, is the first Kaiju to be outright good.

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