Pluto is a planet transformed into a mechanical weapon created by Scoobydooman90001.


Due to being the actual planet itself, Pluto quite obviously looks like Pluto. Attached to it are two mechanical arms, one with a claw at the end of it and the other with a slick laser sword sticking out. It also has two gigantic legs with suction pad feet at the ends of them and two other-worldly jet packs on it's back capable of allowing it to fly for short periods of time.


Pluto was the perfect fit to be mechanized when it was officially deemed as no longer being a proper planet. The alien terrorist organization known as the Dubs used their superior technology to shrink down Pluto and attach multiple limbs to it. They sent it down to Earth to destroy all of the major cities but it soon got into a fight with Nurth. It won the fight with ease and injured Nurth, forcing him to retreat. It continued to smash up cities and the military before it was finally confronted by Oh Pi. Oh Pi decided to transform into a giant Blue Merle Border Collie equipped with laser eyes and a laser mouth. The two fought and Oh Pi eventually won, completely destroying Pluto. Oh Pi later went into space and created a new planet to replace Pluto, deemed Pluto Two.


  • Laser Sword: Pluto wields a sword completely made from a laser. It is very sharp and burns anything it instantly touches. This is Pluto's main weapon to use when leveling cities and fighting others.
  • Claw: Pluto has a gigantic metal claw that it uses to pick up vehicles and debris. It can use a spring in it's 'palm' to launch these as weapons or it can choose to simply crush them.
  • Jet pack: Pluto is equipped with two jet packs created from advanced alien technology. These jet packs allow it to fly through the air for short periods of time.
  • Suction Pads: Pluto has suction pads in it's feet. These have no other use than to propel Pluto into the air. It achieves this by landing on the ground and quickly jumping back up. The suction pads are very flexible and bounce Pluto back into the air. However, they can actually function as suction pads and root Pluto to the ground.


  • Due to human incompetence and the fact that Pluto isn't considered a planet, nobody (save from a few people) actually noticed it went missing until it appeared on Earth to destroy everything.
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