Rajanu is a salamander like kaiju created by SuperNerd. It appears in Eques Mechanica.


Rajanu looks like an over sized red diplocaulus. It's head is more pointed then the more natural look of most diplocaulus, and it's tail sports small membrane used to aid in swimming. It's legs are stubby and it's thick jaw is lined with thousands of razor sharp teeth.


Pre-Eques Mechanica

Rajanu is an ancient creature worshiped by a tribe on a remote island, untouched by other humans. Rajanu was thought to them as the god of death and destruction. One day, government officials came to the island to search the island. Warning their unexpected guests about the dangers of new, unseen things on the creatures sacred territory, the humans left, but not without leaving the perfect trail to follow.

Eques Mechanica

Rajanu appeared on Miami's beachfront and was quickly tracked by K.E.O and attacked by Guerrier. After leading Guerrier into the water it tried a surprise attack which back fired, forcing the kaiju to run away. However, Guerrier activated it's thrusters, slamming the kaiju into the ground and then forcefully shoved it's arm down Rajanu's throat, chocking the creature. Rajanu was later brought to K.E.O for extensive studying.


  • Acidic Blood - Rajanu's blood is highly acidic, causing anything that touches it to burn and melt. It can also shoot this blood out of it's eyes at a high, concentrated speed, similar to the Horned Lizard.
  • Amphibious - Rajanu, being a Diplocaulus, is amphibious, allowing him to be a threat on both water and land.
  • Rotating Jaw - Rajanu's jaw is capable of spinning to rip apart prey, and is used to damage Guerrier's face.


  • Despite being amphibious, only a small portion of the battle between Rajanu and Guerrier is done in the water.
  • Rajanu was originally supposed to be a large salamander with tentacles coming out of it's back. This was changed due to similarities to Azazael.
  • Rajanu is the most simple of the kaiju in Eques Mechanica, as I believe every shows first villain should be simple and understandable. Don't expect that simplicity trend to stay for the rest of the series.
  • Rajanu is one of many kaiju ideas ported from the now dead project, The Epoch of Serenity. It's original name was Artemis, and later changed to Dionysus. Instead of being called kaiju, the monsters in TEOS where called Exogino.
  • During early ideas for the monster, Rajanu was supposed to be reptilian, and not an amphibian. In fact, Rajanu was supposed to be a crocodile creature.
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