Raptor is a dinosaur kaiju that was created by Indominus Rex 2016 and adapted by Scoobydooman90001 for the third season of The New Adventures of Oh Pi.


Raptor looks like a raptor with dark colours, a grey underbelly and blue markings. He has small orange eyes, a long tail and feathered arms. He has a large mouth. In comparison to the original Raptor, he resembles his 2016 design but has a different tail.


More information will be added when the episode is written and released!

Raptor was one of the many kaiju living in the Nightmare World of Universe 210. Unlike the other kaiju living there, Raptor was not born there and had accidentally got himself trapped there. Though he was a good kaiju, he realized he could only escaped if he pretended to be one of the Nightmare kaiju. He secretly befriended Oh Pi when he was brought to the Nightmare World and revealed that he planned to help with the portal so that he could escape to the real world. He helped Oh Pi defeat the kaiju there and was able to return to the real world. He thanked Oh Pi and flew away.


  • Speed: Raptor can run at very fast speeds.
  • Strength: Raptor can hold up very heavy objects.
  • Blue Beam: Raptor can fire a blue beam out of his mouth.
  • Wyvern: Raptor can grow Wyvern wings out of his back and fly.


  • Raptor is the only kaiju living in the Nightmare World that was not born there. He is also the only kaiju in the Nightmare World that is not evil and doesn't want to invade the main universe.
  • Unlike the original Raptor, this Raptor is more of a physical fighter and doesn't often use his beam attack. He prefers to fight as he can quickly get in attacks and take his enemies by surprise.
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