History Edit

This game takes place on the raptor timeline by the way and this WIP

Indominus discovers the that the G-energy cores are all around the world so he and his trio try to absorb the energy of these cores, and Raptor, Ruby and Ragna try to stop them

Playable characters: Edit

Heroes: Edit

Raptor (Reformed)

Raptor plays like Tails in Sonic: Adventure 2, but Raptor it's on his Giga form and in the final battle he's playable as Godzilla 2014 as well.

Ruby Rose (volume 4)

Ruby Rose plays like Sonic, but if you get an upgrade she can shoot with her Crescent Rose.

Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna plays like Knuckles in Sonic: Adventure 2 and i don't have anymore ideas for him



Indominus plays like Eggman, but not so smart, but strong. if you unlock an upgrade he shoots gravity beams

Cinder Fall (volume 4)

Cinder Fall plays like Shadow, but if you collect an upgrade she can use her glass bow and arrow


Hazama plays Rouge the bat, and again, i don't have any ideas for this guy

Extras (so far): Edit

Penny Polendina

Penny is one of the multi-player characters and like Amy in Sonic Adventure 2 she plays like Sonic/Shadow. She's also present in story mode

Emerald Sustrai

Emerald is another one of the two player characters and like Penny she plays like Sonic/Shadow

Noel Vermillion

Noel is another two player character and she plays like Tikal/Chaos

Papyrus (Easter Egg)

Papyrus is a Easter Egg in this game (I put him up just for the lols)

Neopolitan (Jogável no modo de dois jogadores)

Neopolitan plays also like Tikal/Chaos

Giant Mosasaur

Giant Mosasaur is monster that has a cameo in this game at Monster Island


Goliath is a Grimm that is mentioned in this game


Peridot is a character that appears to help you in tutorials in the hero story

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond is a character that helps you in the tutorials of the villain story

Error Raptor

Error!Raptor is a glich that may happen to your game play, don't worry, it won't mess up your game!

Enemies Edit

Hero Story: Edit


Beowolf is one of the enemies of the hero story

Alpha Beowolf (Mini Boss)

The Alpha Beowolf is one of the bosses of this game

Usar Minor

Ursa Minor is another one of this game's enemies

Usar Major

Ursa Major is another one of the bosses of the game


The Griffon is one of the few flying enemies of this game

Nevermore (Chefe)

Nevermore is the first flying boss in the game


King Taijitu is the largest of the mini bosses of the game

Omega 09

The Omega 09 Rex is a neutral boss and can be faced in both stories

Grimm Dragon

The Grimm Dragon is the second and last flying boss of the hero story

Villain story (so far):Edit

I will add the rest later (I need ideas) Edit

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