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"Double the Raptor, double the power!"

Raptor Raptor is a double Raptor Dinosaurian gem hybrid kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Raptor Raptor looks looks like a common Utahraptor. He is completely black in colour though has some grey and blue patches on him. The blue colours form some strange markings that stretch across his entire body. He has three heads (though only two of them are functional) and has a forked tail.


After the universe implosion in Universe 1720, copies of kaiju like Raptor and Nurth were created. However, these copies weren't stable and began to melt. Though they all died and completely evaporated, one scientist managed to retain some Raptor DNA. Taking it to his laboratory, he decided to create a creature that had double the power of the original. This resulted in Raptor Raptor! To test the creature's strength, he unleashed it on the Earth and created mass destruction everywhere. Believing it was strong enough to do anything, the mad scientist sent it out to fight Generikko. The two got into a long fight and it seemed Raptor Raptor had the upper hand. However, the original Raptor liked anime. Because Raptor Raptor had double everything Raptor had, he had an unbelievably large love for anime. Spotting a RWBY advertisement on a building (even though RWBY isn't an anime), Raptor Raptor went over to it to catch up on the latest RWBY news. Generikko used this to his advantage and walked over to Raptor Raptor. He snapped Raptor Raptor's neck and the creature died. It proved to be a very emotional death as the poor creature never got to see the new season of RWBY.


  • Speed: Raptor Raptor is able to run twice as fast as Raptor.
  • Blue Spiral Beams: Raptor Raptor can fire two blue spiral beams at once. Unlike Raptor, Raptor Raptor can do this in his normal form and isn't limited to just using it in his Godzilla form.
  • Transformation: Raptor Raptor is able to transform into Godzilla Godzilla, Indominus Indominus, Wyvern Wyvern, Dragon Dragon, Broodmother Broodmother, Megapithecus Megapithecus, DodoRex DodoRex, Manticore Manticore and Bad Bad Time Time Raptor Raptor. He only uses that form when he loses control.
  • Anime Powers: Even though RWBY isn't an anime, Raptor Raptor has double the amount of love for it and has gained the ability to use the powers of any character from any anime. He can even summon a death note.


  • Though he is called Raptor Raptor, he has three heads. The third head on his tail is merely a decoy and its only function is to act as the creature's anus. Despite this, it's still sentient and aware.
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