Rat Rat is the result of a failed attempt at cloning Ratzilla to make another f***ing Ratzilla.


Why do I keep making Kaiju I'm not sure how to describe?


For some reason, Dr. Mafune (I don't know many other mad scientists) thought that his universe needed a Ratzilla. So, he took control of TItanosaurus again (poor guy) and sent him through one of Universe 986's convenient wormholes to get some of Ratzilla's DNA. Titanosaurus succeeded, and Dr. Mafune attempted to clone the DNA. But, something went wrong, and Rat Rat was born. Rat Rat broke out, killed Mafune, (much to the relief of TItanosurus), and went on a rampage. After being captured, Rat Rat was sent to Monster Island, where he attacked everyone he saw in his quest for death. Not the death of others, but his own. You see, Rat Rat was a horrible monstrosity who felt constant pain and wanted to die. It sounds a little edgy but hey, stuff happens. Anway, Rat Rat is still out there, and will attack anyone he sees, in the hopes that they will put him out of his misery.

Attack on Hybrid

Rat Rat was later taken control of again by the recently alive again somehow Dr. Mafune. He was sent to Universe 987 to gather the DNA of Raptor. Rat Rat succeeded, and was later sent to attack a city alongside Mafune's new creations Raptor Rat and Rat Raptor. The three were all defeated by Titanosuaurus, Mechagodzilla 2, T-Rex and Godzilla with Rat Rat managing to escape. it is unknown where he currently resides.


  • Same as Ratzilla, but double.


  • Ha! I beat you to it scoobs!
  • I have no idea how Dr. Mafune is alive when he apparently died in Terror of Mechagodzilla. Just roll with it.
  • Rat Rat was inspired by Raptor Raptor.