Ratzilla is a rat kaiju created by fookin' MosuFan2004.


Ratzilla is a rat with black fur, pink tail, ears, nose, legs, arms and red glowing eyes.


Ratzilla was living in his shitty universe 2003. He was searching for the universe-travel device for years. Then he finally found it. He was happy as fuck. He said "FINALLY IM LEAVING THIS SHIT UNIVERSE, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!" then he set the numbers to "2004" and pressed the "travel" button. Then he joined the much better MosuVerse.


Some of Ratzilla's abilities have changed since he traveled the universes. He got some new abilities and lost some, too.

  • Electric tail: Ratzilla can wrap his foes using his tail, then can release electricity and electrify his opponents.
  • Hyper electric beam: Ratzilla can shoot a powerful beam of electricity from his mouth. Because it is very pwoerful, he needs to recharge, and recharge takes about 1 hour. When he recharges he can shoot that beam 3 times. And that beam is in random colors.
  • Resistance to electricity: Ratzilla is resistand to electricity, no matter how powerful the electricity is.
  • Barrier: Ratzilla can summon a red shield composed of energy. It is powerful but a beam that is powerful enough can destroy it. It can also deflect beams.


  • Ratzilla is the only kaiju from universe 2003 to be in MosuVerse. NO MORE RATZILLAS IN ANYTHING.
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