Ratzilla is a mutated rat created by MosuFan2004.

Ratzilla is protecting Earth from Aliens and other evil kaiju. He can shoot a blast electricity his mouth, he can also shoot electric balls and his tail is full of electricity. Ratzilla is a really fast and agile kaiju, his speed and agility helps him to avoid attacks. Ratzilla is a really good swimmer, his powers works in water too.

Abilities Edit

(his electricity is red)

  • Electric Breath (similar to Godzilla's breath, but electric)
  • Electric Balls (similar to Godzilla's fireballs, but electric)
  • Electric Tail (similar to Eleking's electric tail)

History Edit

Ratzilla is a mutated rat, he decided to team up with Earthdefenders to protect Earth from evil kaiju.

Appearance Edit

Ratzilla is a giant black rat with red eyes and purple-pink arms, ears, legs and tail.

Gallery Edit

Do you like Ratzilla?

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