Ratzilla is a rat kaiju that was created by MosuFan2004 and adapted by Scoobydooman90001 for the Oh Pi series.


Ratzilla looks like a normal Earth rat. However, his fur is coloured black and he has red glowing eyes. He has dull pink skin and a bright pink tail.


Ratzilla was brought into existence when the team decided to use the Crossover Potion. It looked through multiple universes and found two kaiju, Ratzilla and Flamape. It then created Ratzilla and Flamape based on their original counterparts. Ratzilla helped Oh Pi, Nurth and Flamape during the fight against Gredus before crawling down his throat and frying his insides, killing him. Shortly after Gredus died, the effects of the Crossover Potion wore off and Ratzilla and Flamape disappeared out of existence. Their original counterparts remained completely unaware that the Crossover Potion had created duplicates of them in Oh Pi's universe.


  • Electricity Beam: Ratzilla is able to fire an electricity beam out of his mouth. This is the attack he used when he killed Gredus.
  • Electricity Spheres: Ratzilla can fire electricity spheres out of his mouth that can burn his opponents.
  • Electric Tail: Ratzilla can conduct electricity through his tail and electrocute any living being it comes into contact with.


  • Unlike his original counterpart, this Ratzilla refuses to use his electricity powers when he is in water.
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