RdcTohoKingdom is an evil clone of Cdrzillafanon set to appear in Council of Creators.


In human form, he looks like me with red eyes and the color of of his two shirts are swapped. In his other forms, he looks like Nightmare Gamera, GMK Godzilla, and Darkiller Jack.


Rdc is for all intensive purposes, the exact opposite of Cdr. Where Cdr fights for good, Rdc is most obviously evil. Rdc also represents Cdr's "cringey" side. He says blatantly offensive things to shock people and cares very little for the opinions of others. Where Cdr will joke at another person's expense, Rdc will outright insult them, with he himself usually being the only one that finds it funny. He also likes everything Cdr dislikes, and vice versa. He is a self proclaimed weaboo, Brony, Cringelord, and interacts with many other toxic facets of the internet. Unfortunately, being the opposite of Cdr, Rdc is actually good at drawing, and is a well known Rule-34 artist.

Basically he's complete cancer.



During his time defending universe 2002, Cdr would combat many threats, including a malicious entity that forced him to come to terms with his own inner darkness, something he claimed every being had. This was a notably trying time for Cdr's superheroic tenure, and eventually ended in this "inner darkness" being split from Cdr, forming a separate, opposite entity, known as RdcTohoKingdom. Cdr and Rdc battled on many occasions, remaining evenly matched in every engagement. Eventually however, Cdr managed to finally overcome his dark duplicate, and after a lengthy battle, managed to finally destroy Rdc.

Or so it seemed.....

Council of Creators



  • Like his template, Rdc can change between his three forms as well.
  • In said forms, he possesses the same abilities as the Kaiju and Ultra he transforms into.


  • RdcTohoKingdom is obviously supposed to be an evil me.
  • Major rewrites were done to this page over time.