RdcTohoKingdom is an evil clone of Cdrzillafanon created by (TBA).


In human form, he looks like me with red eyes. In his other forms, he looks like Nightmare Gamera, GMK Godzilla, and Darkiller Jack.



RdcTohoKingdom was created by his master, in order to destroy the Council Of Creators. During his creation, RdcTohoKingdom was altered by dark energies. This warped him into a dark, twisted doppelgänger or Cdrzillafanon. As such, all of his forms were changed as well. RdcTohoKindom became a part of The Council Of Destroyers, and set out to destroy their original counterparts.

Council Of Creators (series)



  • Transformation
  • Same as GMK Godzilla, Nightmare Gamera, and Darkiller Jack


  • RdcTohoKingdom is obviously supposed to be an evil me.
  • This page is in VERY early stages. We have no idea when we'll actually get around to doing an evil clone arc, and to what extent the story will change from what is showed here. This page only really exists because I made it way before it would actually become important in Council Of Creators.

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