Redi is a young Ohpinian kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001. He is the son of Oh Pi and Oh Petta. However, he never got to meet his parents.


Redi shares similarities between both of his parents. He retains the basic sphere-shaped body and has the same large eyes and beak as his parents. However, his fur is grey in colour and his eyes are pink. His antennae are more similar to Oh Petta's antennae though they are coloured brown. Unlike both of his parents, Redi has two small arms.


Arriving in the 112th century

At some point, Oh Pi and Oh Petta conceived a child and she had laid an egg. To protect his child from the devastating attack on Earth, Oh Pi sent it through a portal in time and it arrived in the 112th century, long after the Earth had ceased to exist. It soon crash landed on Tiraxus, one of the many planets that humanity had colonized.


As he is the son of Oh Pi, Redi has many different abilities.

  • Flight: Redi is able to fly at an incredibly fast speed. He spends most of his time levitating above the ground.
  • Speech: Redi is able to speak. However, he has a very limited vocabulary and doesn't tend to speak that much.
  • Lasers: Redi can fire lasers from his arms. To fire lasers from his arms, he points both of them towards his target and then generates a large ball of energy. The laser beam then fires out of this sphere of energy.
  • Size Changing: Redi is able to change his size at will. Like his father, Redi likes to stay at a small size so that he can interact with his human friends.
  • Duplication: Redi can spit small balls of fur out of his body that quickly grow into smaller clones of himself. They only last for an hour before disintegrating.
  • Resurrection: Redi has the ability to resurrect anything that is dead. However, he can only resurrect something if it has been dead for less than a week.
  • Morphing: Redi is able to partially transform into other things. However, he still retains some of his original features, such as his face, antennae and arms.
  • Bonding: Using his antennae, Redi can dissipate into a small grey cloud and temporarily control whatever he grabbed with his antennae. They function like curling tentacles.


  • Redi took over as the main character in the sixth season of The New Adventures of Oh Pi.
  • As Redi is the son of Oh Petta, he was born from an egg rather than being created by Birth.
  • Due to being Oh Petta's son, Redi is not as powerful as his father is.
  • Redi is the 500th page on the FMK Wikia.
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