She looks a lot like Raptor but with inverted colors, for not being smart like her relative, she can not talk, but instead she can roar like ordinary Utahraptors.


A failled atempt to create Raptor. This Raptor relative was intended to help Space Raptor and Mecha Raptor II to capture Raptor, but Reptar's instincts took over, so she went insane and destroed everything in her path, he was was captured by Space Raptor and Mecha Raptor II and sent to Earth where he met Raptor. Once they battled once for supremacy (Reptar thought Raptor was some sort of alpha and she coud claim his "territory").


  • Speed

Reptar is as fast as an Utahraptor.

  • Blue Spiral Beam

Like every Godzilla can do Reptar can shoot a blue beam out of her mouth in the Godzilla form.

  • Dragon/Broodmother/Megapithecus/DodoRex/Manticore

Yes Reptar can become all those bosses from ARK.

  • Indominus Rex

Yet again, yes Reptar can become an Indominus.

  • Wyvern

And Reptar can also become the Wyvern from ARK.