Rii is a Space Frog endlessly drifting across the cosmos, destroying normies as he passes each planet he encounters that sustains intelligent life. Spelled R-I-I, Pronounced "Ree", but properly addressed as "REEEEEEEEEEE!"


Rii has a light sandy color with brown spots dotting his upper side, and a light cream-colored underbelly. He has a long tail that he uses to propel himself forward, since his tiny arms and legs are virtually useless. And Rii wears a constant frown.


Rii hatched from his Space-Egg 420 million years ago, and destroyed his first Normie populous when he was a tadpole. As eons passed, Rii grew bigger and more resentful of the mainstreams across the universe, and he became more merciless the more agitated he became. It wouldn't be long before Earth lands in his path of Normie culling.


  • Laser Eyes- He can shoots Rainbow beams from his eyes to vaporize humans like ants under a magnifying glass.
  • Sonic Screech- His call can shatter the glass off of a skyscraper in close proximities.
  • Mercy to Hipsters- He offers Hipsters a lifetime of Euphoria, and a place in the Hipster Heaven known of Dankhalla.
  • Smoke Breath- He can exhale a large cloud of smoke.