Ring of Light is a strange, sentient shape kaiju created by SuperNerd. It wiped out Square Enix's base on Earth (Universe 666).


Ring of Light resembles the Xbox power button but with four green shapes surrounding it. For the most part it is lime, with certain sections resembling a lighter version of the color. In Ring of Death, it's green changes to red and the light green portions of it's body turn a shade of pink. It should also be noted that the upper left (right on your screen) red light is missing, resembling the Red Ring of Death of which this kaiju is based upon.


First Appearance

No one knows where it came from or why, but on August 19th, 2016 a mysterious ring of light appeared in the sky above Japan. Everything it touched turned red and melted. Floating just above 25 meters, almost every building in a straight line turned into a melting puddle of death. Military fire ceased to exist and all technology suffered extreme lag. It floated off westwards to England, where a day later, it appeared over London. Running straight through the London Tower and destroying other famous land marks, it was again quickly fired at. Like in Japan, the military fire did nothing as it slowly moved forward. It continued westward until it reached America, where it appeared floating above New York, Square Enix's personal playground. Met by heavy fire from it's security systems, the creature sent out it's drones to kill anything living on the ground below. Wiping out all life in the city, Square became furious and fired a particle altering machine, a weapon used to alter the genetic make up of living things and make them useless blobs of deformities. On solid objects, it would break right through. The beam, trying to alter the Ring of Light's chemical make up, got absorbed and the ring turned to battle mode. It turned red and all technology in the area immediately stopped functioning. Major parts of certain machines melted or combusted, while all weapons exploded. The ring, met with it' idea of hostile fire, let loose an enormous beam that destroyed the entire city and some of the surrounding land. It then vanished without a trace.


  • Laser like cutting
  • Life seeking Drones
  • Transformation
  • Mass Destruction Beam
  • Teleportation


  • This monster, as stated in the Appearance section, is inspired by the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death.
  • Despite going from Japan to England and finally New York city, the creature doesn't appear over Africa or the eastern coast of the US.
  • This kaiju only serves the purpose of destroying Square Enix's base in Universe 666. Yes, I'm still extending this joke.
  • This kaiju was originally going to be part of Eques Mechanica, prior to the universe switch.