In its Fragile Form, Riptile looks like a human. But it also has scales and an spike on the top of its head. It also has a tail with a spike at the tip. In its ordinary state, it looks like a upright t-rex, that slants down a little. It also has big beefy wrestler like muscles on its arms. In its ultra form, Riptile has glowing stripes on over itself.


In a far away government facility, scientists where trying to build the perfect soilder. They used human, and a bunch other reptile DNA to build a indestructable tyrant. But out of no where, a small strike squad of alien coakroches destroyed the facility, trying to find the specimen. But they had no such luck. But what they did not know is that the specimen was hidden in beneath the rubble. Close to death, the Fragile Form of the soon to be kaiju absorbed the alien radiation from the coakroches laser attacks, transforming it into a huge beefy lizard called Riptile.


Riptile has a bunch of attacks at it's disposal. It can lift 75,000 metric tons, has a bite force to pull off chunks of buildings, and can punch enemies so hard, that they can be half way across a city! He also has a wide variety of energy attacks to. Like his powerful Photon Ray. A laser that can boil through the most strongest elements. Riptile can also do a Gama Explosion. This is when he releases all the alien power in his body in all directions. He can also fire bolts of lightning from his claws to a direct location. Riptile's final attack is his Neutron Ray. It is basically a upgraded version of his standered Photon Ray, but is only available to him in his ultra form.


Riptile is very powerful, but not invincible. He is not that fast, and not so bright. His major weakness is tentron. Tentron is a mineral that can drain Riptile's life energy. His second weakness is the Drainer. The Drainer is an attack only the queen cockroch can do. Once fired at Riptile, he slowly starts dying.