The Roblox Murderer Raptor is another god damn Raptor. This time it's created by Scoobydooman90001.


Unlike the other Raptors, Roblox Murderer Raptor has a strange block-like appearance. Having come from Roblox itself, the Raptor retains its video game appearance, contrasting with the more realistic appearance of the world. The Raptor is a dull colour and has no significant features. On top of the Raptor is a Roblox rendition of Jason Voorhees, a famous movie character that is notable for his murders.


Tuesday the 30th

One night, a young person of an unspecified and therefore debatable gender is walking through the woods. He then meets the mysterious Builderman, who offers him to pay 19 dollars a month for Outrageous Builders Club. Who could this mysterious being be?

  • it was a sp00py night
  • with a moonless sp00py sky
  • the sp00py levels where real
  • 1then the sp00py builderman came along and told me to pay 19 dollars a month for Outrageous Builders Club
  • i said no and tried to walk away but he had used his sp00py admin commands to slow down my walk speed
  • he said "you gon' pay for this you little bitch"
  • i said "no"
  • but then, salvation came
  • it was another user
  • "help me!" i shouted
  • however, the other user....
  • ....was a guest.
  • "oh fuck" i said, beginning to cry
  • "is there nobody that can help me?"
  • i felt builderman taking my sp00py wallet out of my pocket with his sp00py hands
  • "you've only got 4 dollars in this wallet" he said
  • "hah, get fucked" i said. "now i cant pay for your sp00py outrageous builders club"
  • builderman wasnt done quite yet
  • he upgraded to the 3.0 body package and used his newly formed hands to make a loud whistle sound
  • this summoned the ever so sp00py roblox murderer raptor
  • and then
  • just like that
  • he had slit my throat open
  • i bled to death
  • nobody knows who killed me
  • or how i was killed
  • and i fear my little brother may be next
  • as i had left my roblox account to him in my will
  • but wait, i hear you ask
  • how did i write this?
  • i didnt
  • im actually
  • roblox murderer raptor
  • fuck yeah thats a plot twist you didn't see coming
  • don't forget
  • the blood was HYPER REALISTIC
  • forgot to mention that.

Council of Creators

After Scoobydooman90001, Cdrzillafanon and Indominus Rex 2016 used their power kaiju to defeat the Void Gas and the Shadow Creatures, an even more dangerous beast arrived. Just behind the retreating Void Gas and Shadow Creatures opened a blue wormhole. The echoing words "It's free!" shouted out from the wormhole as a green creature with the Roblox logo for a face and eight tentacles slowly climbed out. Indominus Rex 2016 unleashed Raptor to fight the unknown creature but it quickly struck out at Raptor and pulled him into its mouth. It then curled over and shrunk into a tiny ball. It then expanded as a dull, green Raptor with a Roblox rendition of Jason Voorhees riding it. Realizing their normal power kaiju couldn't defeat it, the three users put their powers together and unleashed the hybrid kaiju, Indomiscoobfanon. Roblox Murderer Raptor battled Indomiscoobfanon in a long fight to the death. However, it soon lost when the Council of Creators arrived from their universe, assisting Indomiscoobfanon in fighting him. It returned to its original form and retreated back through the wormhole it came.


  • Speed: Roblox Murderer Raptor runs at incredibly fast speeds just like all other Raptors.
  • Knife: The Jason Voorhees mounted on the creature's back likes to viciously stab and slice his enemies.



  • Tuesday the 30th was written by Scoobydooman90001, SuperNerd295, and KingOfKretaceous in the FMK Wikia chat room. It serves as a parody of all of those poorly made creepypastas and copypastas that can be found across the internet.
  • The image in the infobox is actually my Roblox character riding a Raptor. The image was taken at my green screen game and then later made to have a transparent background using editing software. SuperNerd295 was stood next to a Transformer in the corner of the room when I took this photo.
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