Roborochi Rotten  is one of many meme Kaiju from Universe 1602. He is one of the more.popular memes in that universe. 


Roborochi looks like goddam Orochi with Robbie Rotten heads.


Roborochi Rotten, formerly known as Robbie, was an actor who for some reason took up the role as the main villain for an odd kids show called lazy town. Now all of his appearances were pretty ripe for meming, but the one that really got the ball rolling was the song "We are Number 1". A more recent lazy town meme that quickly took universe 1602 by storm, creating thousands of parodies. Unexpectedly, Robbie embraced this and allowed himself to become a dank meme, which he is  to this day. He also changed his name.

Also it's also the best song on the internet and the theme song for the lazy town anime.

Oh and one time he met Stingo and they became friends due to both of them being lazy town memes.


  • Singing.
  • Meme blasts. Roborochi Rotten can fire concentrated dank memes from his heads.
  • LazyTownVEVO. He can use the very existence of a lazy town vevo to harm his opponents.
  • Parodizing Beam. Roborochi can fire a beam that causes anything it comes in contact with to become a parody of the song that started his memage. 
  • He can also spontaneously create clones of himself to perform the song or help him in battle. However these clones are imperfect and often unintelligent. 
  • Trumpet. Trumpet
  • Net. A net he can throw
  • Banana peels. Banana peels
  • Cannon. A large cannon he can use as  a weapon. 


  • This Kaiju is obviously based on the We are Number 1 meme.
  • I envision the comments section of this page being full of variations of the We are Number 1 song.