In Kaiju Studio: Shared Universe It's revealed he isn't a cosmic dolphin, however what he truly is was only revealed in Discord dm messages. He covered up his true origins, saying he is a fake species (Cosmic Dolphins) and was the king of that species, until it was destroyed.

Powers And Abilities

  • Reality Warping: Do i really have to say anything? Basic reality warping.
  • Universe Busting Fist: Once again, do i have to say anything??
  • The gloves of time: These gloves give Rod the power to freeze time, destroy timelines, and create timelines.
  • Dolphin Beam: Can shoot this out of his blowhole or mouth, strong enough to destroy planets.
  • Fourth wall awareness: Seems to know he's just a bad MS paint drawing of a dolphin, will talk to the Viewers/Readers.
  • Super serious punch: Like Saitama's punch, can one shot almost everything.
  • Ultra beam: Rod's strongest attack, can easily destroy the multiverse.
  • True Memes: You thought the Ultra beam was his strongest attack? These memes come out of The Seal, this seal is infinite and brings out the perfect memes! Rod and LeTotalMemer2 ate these true memes, giving them infinite power, also making Rod a infinite dolphin god.
  • Reality Buster: a beam which instantly one shots every multiverse and all of reality.


  • Is originally from Kaiju Studio: Shared Universe, as seen in the origins section.
  • Basically the fursona of ManiacalRodster123

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