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Ronald McFuckingDonald is a space demon kaiju appearing in the story "PATrific RimXXX". He serves as the secondary antagonist of the story, right behind EVIL PATRIXXX.


He looks like Ronald McDonald. Not much else to say.


He makes his appearence in PATrific RimXXX after EVIL PATRIXXX summons him using his butt to fart signal him. Aradiabot tries to shoot him down with lazers, but he is able to consume them. He then super kicks her into a building. Shortly after though, Aradiabot bitch slaps him into a nuclear power plant. MechaGodzilla and Aradiabot then charge up a powerful lazer made out of love into Ronald McFuckingDonald, launching them into space. Ronald McFuckingDoanld is then killed after Frygan hits him flying through space.


- Super Kick: Ronald can kick really hard

- Durability: Ronald has shown that he can take a nuclear explosion as well as being launched into space without being fatally wounded


- It's unknown if Ronald was affected by Frygan's fry ability since he was in space when Frygan first appeared