S.S.W. Rat is a mutated rat created by MosuFan2004.

S.S.W. Rat means ''Super Sonic Wave Rat'' and S.S.W. Rat is the only female rat from in the Ratzilla species. And she is the only member in the Ratzilla species that can't shoot electricity from her mouth, but she can shoot super sonic waves from her mouth, like Titanosaurus's super sonic waves.

Abilities Edit

  • Super Sonic Waves
  • Electric Tail
  • Can Shoot Electricity From Her Tail

History Edit

S.S.W. Rat was created same as Ratzilla was, but she got super sonic waves instead of electricity powers that every member of Ratzilla species can shoot from its mouth.

Appearence Edit

S.S.W. Rat is giant dark purple rat with pink and light pink lines on her tail, pink arms, legs and ears and pink eyes.

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