Sanzilla is a version of Godzilla from an alternate universe that was infected by the Undertale virus.


Sanszilla looks like a poorly drawn hybrid of Godzilla and Sans.



Sanzilla was created after Godzilla was infected with the Undertale virus. After being infected, Godzilla started to scream out in pain. All of a sudden his body morphed to resemble and annoying skeleton, clothes started to appear on his body, and he started to have a retarded grin on his face. He also became shorter. Once the transformation was complete, he was no longer Godzilla. He was now Sanszilla, an annoying, bad pun making, shell of his former self. Sanszilla went about destroying Earth with his fellow Undertale Kaiju and infecting other beings with the virus. All the while making stupid jokes and hanging with Papyrus Jaguar.

The Cataclysm

Sanzilla's home universe was destroyed in a titanic battle between The Wormhole Maker and Void Gas. During the destruction of his universe, Sanszilla ended up going through a wormhole to Universe 1602, making him the sole Undertale Kaiju in the entire multiverse besides his friend Papyrus Jaguar, who also survived. Which is good because it means I never have to make any more of them. Sanszilla infected some humans with the Undertale Virus but has not spread the virus that much due to the fact that he's an idiot. He has however taken control of a portion of Undertale's fandom, but this didn't last long because they were bumbling idiots. Now the two just wander around doing something I guess.


  • Atomic Breath
  • Annoying puns: Sanszilla can make annoying puns which induce cringe.
  • Sanszilla can appear anywhere with little explanation.
  • Fandom summon: Sanszilla can summon rabid Undertale fans to aid him in battle. This ability does not work on normal Undertale fans who enjoy the game for what it is.
  • Can infect other beings with the Undertale Virus.
  • Tail Whip
  • Nuclear Pulse
  • Claws
  • The ability to find clothes in his size


  • Sanszilla was inspired by the piece of Godzilla and Undertale crossover fan art that is his infobox image. Said art was made by Goji18. No offense is intended towards him, and I thank him for making said art and inspiring this character.
  • Sanszilla is a parody of Sans from Undertale, and the cancerous nature of the Undertale fanbase on the internet.
  • I am not endorsing Godzilla/Undertale crossover fanfics because they would probably be terrible. This is a joke.
  • Credit to the creator of that cringey fanart
  • This is Cdrzillafanon's cringiest Kaiju.
  • Cdrzillafanon considered making more Kaiju that had been afflicted by the Undertale Virus, but that would mean looking up cringey Undertale stuff, so the idea was scrapped.
    • Papyrus Jaguar ended up existing anyway.