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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Santa T-Rex is the embodiment of Christmas in universe 986. He looks like a normal T-Rex, but with a long white beard and a Santa outfit. He leads an army of Giant Reindeer and elves into battle against those who would wish to destroy christmas, led by his head Elf Elfeking. Unfortunately, his is too big to deliver presents to children, so the elves have to do it for him. He watches the entire world, checking to see which kids are naughty or nice, and also to look for sources of evil.


Becoming Santa

Thousands of years ago, The first Santa was killed in a battle with an evil wizard, so he merged with a nearby Arctic T-Rex, turning him into Santa T-Rex.

Battle For Christmas

When Grinchzilla led his attack on The North Pole, Santa T-Rex enlisted the help of T-Rex and Godzilla do defeat him. After Elfeking led the elves and and Giant Reindeer to victory against Grinchzilla's Wampa army, Santa T-Rex went with Godzilla and T-Rex into Grinchzilla's fortress. After a long battle, Grinchzilla was defeated. As reward for their assistance, Santa T-Rex allowed T-Rex and Godzilla to open their presents early. Godzilla got a nuclear power plant, and T-Rex got a blu-ray copy of Jurassic World.
Photo on 12-27-16 at 9.17 AM

Santa T-Rex's original design, curtesy of my little sister. The one in the infobox is his second design.


  • Magic.
  • Christmas Beam. A Red and Green of energy. This attack greatly weakens those with evil hearts, and fills them with Joy.
  • Sleigh. His Sleigh is a giant spaceship
  • Laser Eyes
  • Can summon lumps of coal to bury enemies
  • Can summon presents at will
  • Teleportation
  • Christmas Tree swords
  • Lightsabers. One red, one green.
  • Can withstand extremely cold temperatures, like the North Pole.
  • Nutcrackers that fire explosive Walnuts.
  • Speech.


  • This is my Christmas character. Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Santa T-Rex is the first T-Rex variant that I bothered making a page for.
  • This is my first Holiday character. Hopefully more will come in the future.
  • Santa T-Rex is the first of my kaiju to have some sort of visual representation.
  • Design was created by Wolfzilla. Some aspects of his design were created by her, such as the Christmas Tree esc dorsal plates, his mustache, and the lack of pants.