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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
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This Kaiju is a parody of another user's Kaiju, as requested by the creator, go here for the kaiju being parodied.
Satan Godzilla a SUPER EEEVVVIILLL Kaiju that is gonna destroy the whole world and give it cancer. Or something.


Satan Godzilla looks like a shitty MS paint version of Sepsis.


Satan Godzilla was accidentally made by a scientist after combing Godzilla DNA with cancer cells to find the cure for cancer. However he ended up somehow spawning the most EVILL kaiju of all time. Satan Godzilla then made some disposable minions but they all got killed. Satan Godzilla had had enough of this and went to destroy everything ever. Luckily some blue Godzilla looking dude teamed up with all the good kaiju in Universe 986 and they fought off Satan Godzilla, who turned out to be OP as fuck. Eventually the assembled good guys beat Satan Godzilla and made him transform into his final form, Cancer Orochi! Cancer Orochi was also defeated after a really loooonnngng fight. However Satan Godzilla didn't actually die because resuns. Satan Godzilla is still out there planning to destroy Earth.

The Mentally Insane Adventures of T-Rex



  • Disposable minion creation
    Cancer Orochi

    Cancer Orochi, Satan Godzilla's final form.

  • cancer beam. a beam of cancer
  • lazzerrs.
  • Regeneration
  • Demonic powers.


  • Satan Godzilla is a parody of Sepsis, as requested by Koopa himself.
    • The character is basically a simplified version of Sepsis, being evil just because and wanting to kill everyone.
    • His design is basically a poorly made MS paint approximation of Sepsis.
    • Cancer Orochi's design is based on Sepsis's final form, which looks like Orochi made out of cancer cells. As such the design is literally Orochi made out of Cancer cells.
    • The disposable minions are a reference to Keratos,Myos, and Organon.
  • Cancer Orochi's image is based on Matt Frank's Godzilla Neo Orochi design.