Satanturtle is the devil of the FMK multiverse, especially in universes where Skeleturtle is god, such as Universe 986.


Satanturtle looks similar to our lord and savior, Skeleturtle. However, he has red skin, glowing yellow eyes, horns, and a demon tail.


Origins n' stuff

Satanturtle was created long ago by the original Satan, to take over as the devil of the Multiverse. Satanturtle, eager to take upon the task, straight up killed his master and took control of hell. Satanturtle now wages an eternal war with our god Skeleturtle, hoping to kill him and spread his evil across the Multiverse.

Satanturtle is hate, Satanturtle is death.

T-Rex in Hell

After Skeleturtle sent T-Rex to Hell, Satanturtle attempted to torture the dinosaur by making him face his sins. T-Rex laughed it all off and walked through Satanturtle's demon forces. After T-Rex defeat a group of demons representing the 7 deadly sins, Red, and Cthulhu, Satanturtle was forced to release T-Rex from Hell.

Trumpzilla vs the World

Satanturtle is tortured Trumpzilla after his defeat and banishment to Hell, for his failure to destroy the world.

Other things

Satanturtle unleashed Shin Krueger upon the world, has secretly survey several important events, and appears to be slowly moving towards his endgame.

Council Of Creators



  • Standard demon powers
  • Demonic version of Lord Skeleturtle's abilities


  • Satanturtle is an obvious parody of Skeleturtle, and the fact that the Godzilla fandom (jokingly) regards him as a god.
    • Thus he further spreads the Skeleturtle meme.
  • Infobox image by KoopaGalaxian.
  • Yes, he is in fact so OP Red is his minion. Let that sink in for a moment.