Scientifically Accurate Mothra is a completely normal moth from Universe 4591.

Appearance Edit

Scientifically Accurate Mothra looks like a really fuzzy moth.

History Edit

This Mothra is completely normal moth. As such her history is the same as any normal moth's life cycle. The only difference is that two little girls befriended this moth cuz they feed Mothra.

Mothra remained alive for a normal Moth's lifespan until dying of natural causes.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight

Trivia Edit

  • Yes, I made another scientifically accurate Kaiju.
  • Scientifically Accurate Mothra is even less of a Kaiju than Scientifically accurate Godzilla.
  • I'm sure some of you remember this image cuz titan uploaded it to Mosufan wiki. I decided to use it for this.

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