Scientifically accurate Godzilla is an alternate universe version of Godzilla from Universe 4591.


Scientifically accurate Godzilla looks like a dinosaur with Godzilla's spines, just like every crappy Godzilla redesign.


This Godzilla is not a giant monster.

He is simply a normal dinosaur and a partial freak of nature, believed to have possibly been a crossbreed of more than one species of dinosaur. He has no special abilities whatsoever for that matter, other than being a better swimmer than the average dinosaur.

Godzilla lived his life hunting, fighting other dinosaurs,caring for his family, and generally fighting to survive. He died a horrible death when the dinosaurs went extinct and was basically erased from history as scientists believed Godzilla 's skeleton was scattered bone fragments from various already discovered dinosaurs.


  • Strong Bite: Scientifically Accurate Godzilla can bite things
  • Arms: Having well.....not tiny T-Rex arms, Scientificially Accurate Godzilla can actually use his, either in combat or to grab things.
  • Adept Swimmer: For a dinosaur, he can swim fairly well and reach long distances as long as nothing attacks him.


  • Not to be confused with the real life dinosaur known as a "Gojirasaurus", which was named after Godzilla.
  • Scientifically accurate Godzilla is pretty much the most boring Kaiju ever. In fact, he's barley even a Kaiju.
    • Then again I supposed compared to modern day animals dinosaurs would be monstrous.
    • Scientifically Accurate Mothra was actually even more boring before she was deleted.
  • Scientifically Accurate Godzilla is somewhat a parody of overly scientifically accurate and saurian Godzilla redesigns on the internet.
    • Most especially those resembling generic dinosaurs an "raptorized" as it is called, to the point where you couldn't tell that it's supposed to be Godzilla if you weren't told, or if it were not named as such.
  • The title is a lie. Muhahaha.