Seeing Pink Elephants is the third episode of the first series of The New Adventures of Oh Pi. It was written by Scoobydooman90001. It is notable for being the first episode to feature Nurth.


Tension rises between the team when Susan brings a mutated elephant back to the base. However, it may be just what they be when another more horrible creature begins attacking the city.


Location: Jennerik Island
Date: 29th March 2997

Multiple helicopters surrounded the large desolate island, making sure that there were no ships in the vicinity. The island was almost completely lifeless except for a few animals that lived there, such as the native elephants and wild pig species. Small groups of zebras also walked around the island minding their own business, unaware of what was about to happen. At a military base in the Sacred Sector of Earth, two military captains stared at the large screen. On it were multiple different images of weapons and a live feed broadcasting the island. Text scrolled across the bottom of the screen talking about the project that had been titled Nuclear Spiral Test. Thomas, the captain on the right, turned to his colleague on the left.
"You ready, Frank?" he asked as he prepared his key card.
Frank looked up at the screen and back to the control panel in front of him. He pulled his key card out of his pocket and inserted it into the slot. His partner did the same and the panel emitted a red light as it scanned the key cards. Two small lights flashed green and the panel opened up to reveal two small unlabelled switches. Thomas and Frank exchanged a glance and then flicked their switches. The helicopters surrounding the island quickly cleared away and a satellite in space to reveal a metal cube. The side of the cubes fell flat to reveal a sharp arrow-like device. It quickly flashed purple and a huge beam of purple light suddenly blasted down to Earth, directly hitting the island. The water surrounding the island blasted upwards into the air and came crashing back down into the ocean, shaking the island and disrupting the environment. The animals fled for the safest place possible as the beam completely destroyed the island. The line soon began to curve back around towards the satellite and then continued to curve into a spiral shape, twisting and contorting the water, the island and everything on it. It made a high pitch ear- piercing sound and then suddenly evaporated into thin air. All that was left was an island that had been completely twisted out of shape into multiple different curved structures. The water dropped from the air and landed back in the ocean again as everything slowly settled. Everything was silent. There was no sign of animal life. The island had pretty much been completely destroyed. The helicopters soon returned so that images could be taken of the island and what had happened to it following the Nuclear Spiral test. Frank and Thomas looked at the aftermath of the events on the screen in the military base.
“Project Nuclear Spiral 7 complete” said Thomas into a transceiver. “Weapon seemingly fully functional and effective. Test is a success.”
Frank looked at him and made no comment, deciding to stare at the island instead. He thought about how such a device could even come to be and how it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Location: Virtue Kaiju Unit Headquarters
Date: 29th March 3007

Susan was getting ready for a boat trip. She put on her brown leather jacket and took a sip from her cup of tea. She had been assigned to an expedition that was to visit Jennerik Island ten years after the Project Nuclear Spiral tests had concluded. She looked out of the window and watched as David was playing fetch with Oh Pi. it wasn’t a very fair game as Oh Pi kept grabbing the ball with his gravitational beams just a second after it left David’s hand. He was enjoying himself though and that’s what really mattered.

“You won’t catch it this time” said David as he gave a cunning smile. He reached his right hand to the right to indicate throwing and Oh Pi fired his gravitational beam. However, David quickly moved his hand to the left and threw it in that direction in order to catch Oh Pi off guard. However, Oh Pi quickly demonstrated his fast reflexes by turning to face the ball and grabbing it with a second mouth that stretched out from inside his beak. It retracted back into his mouth and took the ball with it. David was completely stunned and just looked at Oh Pi in silence. Confused, Oh Pi stared back at him and impersonated his puzzled facial expression. He then let out a little chirp and recreated the ball in front of him so that they could continue playing.
“Heheh” chuckled Susan to herself. She couldn’t help but imagine Oh Pi as a small child. To be fair, he was a baby but he reminded her of any normal child. She thought of what Katherine was doing and smiled as she took another sip from her drink.
“Hey Susan” said Barry as he entered the room. He walked over to the kettle and prepared a cup of coffee.
“Hi" she said. “How... How are you?”
“I’m fine. Not up to much."
“Alright.” She took the last sip and put her empty mug in the sink so that someone could wash it later. Wiping her lips with her hand, she straightened her jacket and walked towards the door.
“Going somewhere?" Barry asked.
“An expedition" she said. “Nothing dangerous though. Something to do with a Nuclear Spiral ray or something. Shouldn't be too long.” She left through the door and took the elevator down to the bottom floor. She got into her black car and took off down the road.

She soon arrived at a dock and left her car in the parking lot.
“Alright Susan” she said to herself quietly. "Got what you need.” She took her briefcase out of the car and headed towards a large ship that was being boarded by multiple scientists.
“Hey there!” shouted a woman stood on top of the ship.
"Uh, hey” said Susan. She tried to look at the woman but was struggling due to the sun being almost directly behind her.”
"You're Susan, right?" she asked.
"Yeah, that’s me” she said, climbing onto the ship and towards the woman.
"I’m Melissa” said the lady as she shook Susan’s hand.
“This is the ship we’re taking to the island?” Susan asked.
Melissa was confused. "Yeah. Why do you ask?”
“I'm used to being on small wooden boats. This is... This is refreshing.” She looked around as seagulls flew overhead.
“I take it you’ve took the right precautions. You’ve got your gear?"
"Everything I’m going to need is in this briefcase.”
“Good, good” said Melissa. "I’ll take you down to your room and we'll be on our way.” She led Susan to a flight of stairs leading down into the ship and gave the signal to one of the crewmembers for the ship to start sailing.

“It's been a while since I’ve been out on the ocean” said Susan. “Last time I did something like this, I was with a group of people exploring some jungle after the Fume War. it was quite interesting.”
“Ah” said Melissa. "I can rest easily knowing I've hired somebody who is experienced then. Last time we went out on an expedition, I should have just hired a monkey. The guy didn’t even bring a kit with him."
"That’s stupid” said Susan, following her down the corridor.
“Yeah, I know” continued Melissa. “So we got to the island we were going to and wouldn’t you know it, he got mauled to death by monkeys."
"And then what happened?” asked Susan, legitimately curious.
“We hired the monkeys” said Melissa. "They’re surprisingly good at engineering with the right tutor to teach them. Saves having to use humans.”
"Right...” said Susan, deciding not to question the ethics about that scenario. The two of them soon approached a room and went inside.
“This is your room. We’ve got the standard equipment here. There's a TV, a communications device, some books to read, the usual stuff one would find in a hotel. The beds are clean though.”
“Thanks” said Susan as she placed her briefcase on her bed. “When are we expected to arrive there? I’ve got a tight schedule right now.”
“Oh, it won’t take long” said Melissa. “We should be there by tomorrow morning. You should get some sleep though. We're planning to wake up early tomorrow.” She exited through the door and left Susan to herself so that she could sort out her things. Susan grabbed the TV remote and turned on the TV. She began to change into her night clothes when the communicator built into the wall suddenly flashed on. Frank appeared on the screen and almost immediately covered his eyes when he saw that Susan wasn’t completely changed.
"No, please, get changed" he said. “Sorry, didn’t know you’d be getting ready for bed at 7 o’clock” he sarcastically said.
Susan finished getting her pyjamas on and walked over to the screen. "Hi there" she said.
"Hello Susan" said Frank.
“How’d you contact my room?” she asked.
"I contacted the boat and they patched me through” he said. "Why didn’t you tell me you were going on this expedition?" he asked.
"I’m sorry sir" she said, lowering her head. ”I woke up late this morning and was running late so I didn't get any time to tell you. I know I should have filed in an absence report to tell you where I was going.”
"No, it’s fine” he said. “I’m just confused. Why are you going to Jennerik Island?" he asked.
"To run some tests and see if it is still possible for animals to live there” she replied. "It’s nothing too important. It’s just part of a conservation program.”
“You could have just asked me” he admitted. “I was there the day we ran those tests. The island was completely warped. Don’t think anything could live on it." "You were there?" she asked.
"It was me who helped activate the device” he told her. “Barry has it all in his records somewhere.”
“Oh, right" she said. “So you want me to come back?”
"No, no, continue with your expedition" he said. “It’s official business, I shouldn't get mixed up with it. Just wanted you to know that you can always come to me for information.”
“I’ll keep that in mind” she said. "I’ll be going now.”
"Wait!" he quickly shouted.
"What is it?" she asked.
"It's...” He hesitated for a second. “Uh, it’s nothing. See you soon, Susan." The screen faded to black and Susan lied down on her bed so that she could watch what was on the TV.

The next morning, Susan, Melissa and the rest of the crew were on a dinghy heading towards the island. They had all put protective suits on just in case there was anything in the environment that could either hurt them or contaminate them. With their gas masks on, they all looked almost identical, only distinguishable by their labels and rank.
“This is it” said Melissa. “Jennerik Island.” The dingy was directed towards the shore and everyone climbed off and onto the island.
"The air is reading as breathable” said Paul, a scientist who was reading from his scanning device. “Yeah, it's breathable. We should be fine” he said. He took off his helmet and took in a deep breath. After a few seconds had passed, everyone took their masks off.
“Thank goodness I’m out of that thing” said Susan, heavily breathing. “So what now?” she asked.
“We’re just gonna take a few readings” she said. “Feel free to take a look around. Try and see if there is any animal life here” she requested.

"Alright” said Susan. “I'll do that then” she whispered to herself. She climbed up a small rock and began to explore the island. It was completely deserted. There was no grass growing and what once used to be a colourful island was now a blackened wasteland. Multiple spiral structures reached out of the ground and curved in different directions. To be honest, it looked amazing. It wasn't often that such sights could be soon and it was a privilege to even be there. Susan pulled out a small stick-like device and held it in the air. It flashed multiple times and took photos of the environment all around her. "This is fascinating” she said to herself, grinning like a madman. “This beats hanging around a boring old lab all day.” She stood back and admired the landscape. “Hold on” she said, noticing something in the distance. She only saw it for a second, but it looked bright pink and it moved. “What’s that?” She climbed down the other side of the rock and ran in the direction of whatever it was, fully aware that whatever it was could be dangerous.

She eventually reached a large open area with multiple pillar—like spirals reaching out of the ground, some of them fused together. She looked around for her mystery pink creature and noticed a puddle of some dark purple liquid. "What the..." She crouched down and put her hand in it, quickly holding it back when it reacted against her skin and burned. She shook her hand and put her mouth on it to calm it down, before taking her mouth off of it in case it was poisonous. She noticed another puddle in the distance and realized that it was a trail that she could follow to find the creature. She soon found a large cave with only one entrance and no exit. The creature had to be there.
"Hello?" she asked, looking into the darkness. She saw a shape move in the shadows, but couldn’t make out what it was. “It’s okay” she said. "I’m not here to hurt you!” She waited for it to emerge from the dark, but it didn’t. “There’s no need to be frightened” she softly said. “Come on. I'm your friend.” Two white eyes suddenly glistened in the dark and a giant pink elephant emerged from the cave. It looked down at her and made a weak unenthusiastic sound. Susan looked up at the beast in awe.
“What’s happened to you?” she asked. It let its trunk down and she petted it, looking up into its circular eyes. She quickly pulled an apple out of the backpack she was wearing and offered it to the elephant. "I ate quite a while ago” she said. “You have it.” She smiled and held it out to him. The creature's trunk reached towards the apple and ate it. The creature made a happy trumpet-like sound and leaned backwards to sit on its backside. Susan smiled and took a photo of it. She then finally questioned why it was pink.
“Why's your skin like this then, eh?” she asked, feeling its pink rubbery skin. "Did those tests do this to you?” The creature understood the sympathy she was showing and closed its eyes as it remembered that cruel day. It then impersonated her by standing up on its back two legs. The gigantic beast towered over her and looked into the distance.
“We can’t keep you here” she said. "It’s probably not safe here and there doesn’t seem to be any food at all. It's a miracle you’ve survived out here for so long” she said. The elephant got back down on all four legs and looked down towards her. She wasn’t sure if it understood what she said but it seemed happy and content. The elephant soon began to follow the puddle trail back towards the boat as Susan followed behind. Just in the distance, a sinister pig creature stared at them and retreated behind some rocks.

"What is that?” asked Katherine, looking at the elephant through the glass window. Some hours had passed since Susan had met the elephant and it was now contained within a controlled environment at the VKU headquarters.
“It’s Nurth, and it’s a he” said Susan as she took notes on how the elephant behaved.
"You named it?" asked Katherine. “You shouldn’t get too attached to it.”
"Why can't I?” asked Susan. "David is clearly attached to Oh Pi.”
"But that’s... That’s different though” said Katherine in a poor attempt to explain to Susan why they couldn’t keep Nurth.
“So Oh Pi can stay here just because he protected the Earth from two giant monsters. Wow. Biased, much?”
“I’m saying that this giant elephant thing can’t just stay here. He takes up far too much room.”
“This room was literally empty before he was put in here. There’s nothing wrong with little Nurth being here” sighed Susan. “Nobody understands.”
“How did you even bring him here?” asked Katherine. “You went to that island on a boat. This thing is more than twice the size of it."
“It’s not a thing” said Susan. “It’s a him... I think.”
Before Katherine could tell Susan that she didn’t answer her question, a loud crash was heard against the door. The two of them turned out and saw a beak- shaped dent poking out of the door. It then opened and Ch Pi quickly flew in and towards the cage so that he could examine Nurth.
“Uh, what are you doing?” asked Susan as David walked over to her.
“Frank told me to send Oh Pi down and see how he reacts to this guy” he explained. Oh Pi stared at Nurth and the two of them exchanged a few glances. They seemed to be communicating but neither of them made many sounds.
“This is ridiculous” said Susan. “Nurth doesn’t want to hurt anyone!”
“You named him?” asked David.
“You named Oh Pi” she replied.
“I thought he named himself” wondered Katherine.
“We’re not very clear on where the name came from” said David.
“Well look” said Susan, pointing to Oh Pi. "The two of them are getting along just fine. There’s nothing wrong with Nurth so leave him alone.”
“You’re attached to this guy” said David, pointing out the obvious.
“Wouldn’t you be if you know what cruelty it had been put through?” asked Susan, pushing him towards the door.
“Now that’s enough of that” said Frank, pushing his way past them. Oh Pi lowered down to his shoulder and hovered next to him. “I want that thing gone tonight” ordered Frank. “It’s not safe!”
Susan let go of David and turned to look at Frank. “What do you mean?” she asked. "He’s perfectly fine. Even Oh Pi thinks so.”
“Well he isn’t. He has to go” he repeated.
“But you’re not telling me why” said Susan. Frank began to head out of the door. “You know” said Susan. “I think it’s cause you’re ashamed” she said.
Frank turned to look at her. His face lowered to create a somewhat menacing frown. “What?” he asked.
“You're ashamed” she said. “You ran those tests and you’ve felt guilty ever since. You didn’t want me to go to that island because you didn’t want me to see anything horrible and I understand that.”
"You don’t understand anything” he said, getting closer to her.
"I think I do” she said. "You feel bad for the poor animals from that place and just want to bury it all in the past. You think you can just keep running.”
"That’s enough” he said, his voice slowly beginning to tremble.
"You think that by condemning this poor animal to die there, you can just forget all about it and make it seem like none of it any happened. But that’s not how it works. You won’t forget. It’ll stay in the back of your mind, eating away at your sanity more and more until you come to terms with it and accept that you were a part of those tests.”
“Damn” said Katherine, somewhat impressed at Susan’s little rant and ability to determine all of that information.
"You’re a different person now" said Susan. “Accept that.”
“And you would know, wouldn’t you…” he groaned. Before Frank could continue, the alarms began to blast through the building and the room flashed red.
“Another kaiju?” asked David. He turned to Oh Pi and nodded towards him. Everyone ran towards the door and towards the control room. Susan quickly ran back in to Nurth. “This is normal” she said, assuring him that he shouldn’t be worried. She rushed back out into the corridor.

In the city, a giant pig-like kaiju had just climbed out of the ocean.
“What the hell is that thing?” asked Barry, staring at the screen.
"It must have followed us back from the island” said Susan.
"We’ll send out Oh Pi first” said Frank, turning to face all of the workers at their computers. “If he fails, then we’ll use our weapons.”
The pig creature walked through the city on its back two legs and gave a menacing grin. It looked around and observed its new playground to cause havoc in. Oh Pi emerged from behind a building and transformed into his bigger form mid-flight, knocking the pig creature to the ground. Oh Pi landed on the street and looked at the creature as it slowly got back up. It stared at 0h Pi and evilly smiled. Its mouth stretched into a wide circular shape and the deformed flesh inside of its mouth reached outwards, forming into the shape of a cannon. The creature’s eyes then rolled back into its socket and cannons extended from them too. The creature looked at its arms and tail and laughed as the skin peeled away to reveal three more cannons.

“Well that's just lovely” said Barry, watching everything on the monitor.
“It's some kind of pig-cannon hybrid” said David. “Kanun.”
“That’s creative” said Barry in a sarcastic tone.
Back in the city, Oh Pi waited for Kanun to make its first move. Kanun soon realized this and fired cannon bails out of its cannons, aiming them at Oh Pi. To dodge them, Oh Pi quickly shrunk in size and flew out of their reach. However, he did not anticipate a second batch of cannon balls and was completely pummelled by them, falling down to the ground. Kanun took advantage of this vulnerability and fired a third round of cannon balls at the building behind the fallen Oh Pi. Just as he got back up, the building came crushing down on top of him! Buried under the debris, Oh Pi tried to get out but struggled, being held down by the rocks. Kanun laughed and turned around to continue its rampage.

“It defeated him!” shouted Frank, looking at the monitor as it focused on the debris. “Prepare the weapons.”
“Hold on” said Katherine. "Do you hear that?"
“Hear what?” asked Barry.
“It sounds like a loud thudding sound” said Susan. Everyone jumped backwards in shock as they heard a large shattering sound. They turned to look at the screen and saw that Kanun was destroying more buildings. He prepared his next wave of cannon balls before his back was suddenly sprayed by an acidic purple liquid. It turned around to face its new challenger. Nurth had escaped from his environment and was ready to fight the creature.
“It’s Nurth!” shouted Susan.
“Yes, and it’s gonna help him destroy the city” said Frank. “No doubt.”
“You have little faith” said Susan.
Kanun fired another round of cannon balls at Nurth, who quickly retaliated by spraying them with his purple liquid that he fired from his trunk-like arms. They melted in the air and evaporated into nothing. Nurth quickly took advantage of Kanun’s confusion and lumbered towards him, grabbing his arms and twisting them. Kanun fought back and fired a cannon ball from his tail, striking Nurth in the leg. Nurth jerked down in pain but quickly got back up and pushed Kanun backwards, sending him into a building. Kanun attempted to get back up, but Nurth quickly kicked him back down. He turned towards the debris that Oh Pi was trapped under and melted it with his liquid beam, freeing Oh Pi from his prison. Oh Pi flew towards Nurth and seemingly communicated with him. Nurth pinned Kanun down and Oh Pi flew into space, locating the satellite that had fired the Nuclear Spiral ten years ago. Dragging it back to his side of the Earth, he charged it with his antennae and it began to charge up its weapon. Oh Pi watched as the weapon flashed purple and quickly flew down towards the Earth.
“What the hell is he doing!” shouted Frank, getting in close to the screen.
“Oh Pi seems to have a problem with personal vendettas” said David. "If something annoys him, he’s gonna go overkill."
“But how does he even know about...” Frank lowered his voice and became quiet as he remembered that Oh Pi was present during Susan’s rant earlier. The beam fired from the satellite and Nurth quickly jumped away from Kanun, backing around from the beam. To prevent the beam from destroying the city, Oh Pi used his gravitational beams and curved the beam towards Kanun. The beam got thinner and it completely destroyed the cannon coming from Kanun’s mouth. The beam flooded through the inside of Kanun’s body and began to twist and contort his organs, completely ripping them to shreds! The cannons on his body exploded and his body became a hollow husk. Oh Pi and Nurth exchanged glances, celebrating their victory.

Later on, Susan was back in the room Nurth was previously in, watching him. She was listening to some piano music that she had turned on. Unexpectedly, Frank walked into the room and joined her.
”Oh" she said. “It’s you.”
“Yeah” he answered. “I just came to tell you... I’m sorry” he said. “I’m sorry and you were right.”
“No, no. I was just angry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings” she said.
“No, but you are right. I do feel guilty about those tests, and I should accept that I am a different person now. That was in the past and I need to leave it behind.”
Susan wasn’t sure how to respond. “Well... You’re welcome” she nervously said, afraid that comment was the wrong thing to say.
Frank laughed at looked at her. “He can stay” he said.
“What?” asked Susan.
“Your elephant” he said, walking towards the door. He turned around and looked at her. "He can stay." He left through the door. Susan turned towards Nurth and smiled, leaning on the fence above his small closure.







  • As mentioned at the top of the page, this is the first of the series to feature Nurth.
  • The dialog referring to how Nurth was transported to the VKU headquarters are a reference to the fact that we are never given explanations for how King Kong was transported to New York in the original movie from 1933.
  • This episode and the following episode were previously only available in image format, due to the original files episode. However, thanks must be given to MarioJR, who showed me a program named Capture2Text that has allowed me to restore both episodes to their original format.
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