Shadow Kiryu is a robotic duplicate of the original Kiryu that was possessed by the Shadow Creatures.


Shadow Kiryu looks like the normal Kiryu, but with inverted colors, signifying that the robot had been possessed by the Shadow Creatures.


General Goyzen had recently gone rouge from the GDF. With him, he took the files on all of the GDF's Mechs, with the intent to use them for his own purposes. One of them was an exact replica of Kiryu, however this version lacked the bones of the original Godzilla, thus removing the "risk" of sentience. However, the Shadow Creatures had their own plans for Goyzen's robot. Once breaking into his facility by possessing another anti-Kaiju extremist under Goyzen's command, the creatures infected the robot, taking full control of it's systems. The newly created Shadow Kiryu than broke out of the facility and went on a destruction spree. Sensing the threat the creatures posed, Godzilla was on his way to the scene, but the GDF dispatched Kiryu as well, who encountered the Shadow robot first. Kiryu managed to hold his own against this doppelgänger, but the extra abilities granted by the Shadow Creatures gave Shadow Kiryu the edge. Soon, Kiryu was overwhelmed, and Shadow Creatures started seeping out of the robotic duplicate, attempting to posses the cyborg as well. However, Kiryu had something his robotic double lacked....a soul. Using the spirit of the first Godzilla, Kiryu fought back against the shadow creatures, and soon gained a mind of his own. Meanwhile, Godzilla had just arrived on the scene. Kiryu gave the King of The Monsters a nod, as if to tell Godzilla that they were on the same side. However, Godzilla could sense that his ancestor's spirit was in control, and knew exactly what to do. Together, Godzilla and Kiryu managed to destroy Shadow Kiryu, causing the Shadow Creatures to exit the robot's body, and fly off, most likely to cause more havoc.


  • Same as the normal Kiryu
  • Shadow Powers


  • This is my first Kaiju that isn't a parody.
  • Shadow Kiryu will be the first of many Shadow Kaiju that I will introduce into this universe.
  • Shadow Kiryu's design comes from a Bandai Theater Exclusive figure of the character. The image seen above is the Soul of Chogokin approximation of this color scheme.