Shadow Mechagodzilla is the Mechagodzilla 2 of Universe 1954 after being possessed by the Shadow Creatures.


Shadow MG2 looks like the normal Mechagodzilla 2, but with a darker color scheme to signify he has possessed by the Shadow Creatures


Alien Invasion. You've all heard the story. This one could not have come at a worse time. The Simians had been more strategic than their allies, and lasted longer as a result. They were currently hiding in a hangar that they had dispatched the Mecha from in the first place. However, all of their defenses would not save them from the Shadow Creatures, who son made their way into the base, and took control of the robot. After this possession, the first thing MG2 did was destroy his creators, who watched on in horror as their magnificent machine was used against them. Once the Simians were out of the way, MG2 exited the hangar and began his path or destruction. The Mech would soon be encountered by his old ally, Titanosuaurus. Titanosaurus remembered the robot, and tried to communicate. However, any Kaiju under the control of the Shadow Creatures had no allies, and MG2 quickly attacked the oceanic dinosaur. Titanosaurus was no macthed for the robot's onslaught, until Godzilla appeared on the scene. Godzilla and Titanosaurus looked each other in the eye, remembering their previous battle. But, both knew what needed to be done. After attacking MG2, Godzilla helped Titanosaurus up, and the two prepared to engage the robot. Mechagodzilla, possessed or not, was not pushover. His vast amount of weaponry allowed him to hold his own against both monsters for some time. However, the creatures had not anticipated the sudden arrival of King Ceasar, who had been awaked to combat these evil creatures. Together, the three monsters were eventually able to best Shadow Mechagodzilla. Destroying the robot, and forcing the Shadow Creatures out of it's body. The battle was won, but the war was far from over


  • Same as normal Mechagodzilla 2
  • Shadow Powers


  • This is the second Mechagodzilla to be possessed by the Shadow Creatures, after Shadow Kiryu.
  • MG2 is the third monster that was part of the alien invasion to be possessed, after Dark Ghidorah and Shadow Gigan.
  • Shadow MG2 was inspired by Black Mechagodzilla, a character from Godzilla Island.