The Shadow People are shadow kaijin created by Scoobydooman90001.

History Edit

The Shadow People had secretly invaded Earth a long time ago and were responsible for many unexplained murders. They planned to slowly wipe out the human species so that they could inhabit the Earth. They took the opportunity to invade the Virtue Sector after the members of the VKU left the city to go on a short break to a remote island where Susan Grant planned to study the animal life. However, Barry Barrow stayed behind to work on some files he had left unattended. The Shadow People decided to advance their plan and they began invading the more advanced, well-defended sectors, including the Virtue Sector. Barry attempted to hold them off but they continued to kill people. Taking matters into his own hands, he looked through David Daykin's technology storage and found a device that he plugged into the mainframe, giving him access to every electronic device within the city. He boosted the power to every lightbulb, increasing the amount of light they expelled. The heavy amount of light destroyed the Shadow People, putting an end to their invasion.

Abilities Edit

  • Death Touch: The Shadow People were able to fatally burn their victims with one simple touch.
  • Becoming Solid: The Shadow People were able to solidify themselves and leave the shadows they were hiding in.

Trivia Edit

Do you like the Shadow People?

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