The Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature is an odd predator creature that was created by Scoobydooman90001.


The Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature has a very simplistic appearance. It has a very large, round body that is held up by two stubby feet. The creature has a long neck that rises upwards before drooping down. This is due to the creatures large head, which holds two white eyes, a large mouth lined with sharp teeth and two small nostrils that are almost invisible due to how small they are. Whenever the creature runs, it leans forwards and its neck flops around while its head stays mostly in place. Like a lion, the Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature has a large mane. However, the Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature's mane looks somewhat like a long flowing cape and is bright orange. The creature can use it to keep itself warm when it sleeps.


  • Speed: The Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature has adapted to run very fast so that it can keep up with its prey.
  • Wide Mouth: The Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature has a very wide mouth so that it can lower its head and scoop up its prey with ease.


  • The Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature is found living inside forests.
  • The Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature spends a lot of time sleeping.
  • The design and concept of the Shark-Mouthed Armless Creature is inspired from the real life animals, the Shark and the Kiwi, also known as Elasmobranchii and Apteryx.
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