Shin Mechagodzilla is a GDF robot.


While Godzilla's isotope was frozen, they thought of building a giant robot to fight him once his isotope thawed. Soon after, it was nearly finished being built, when they got a report that Godzilla's isotope was thawing, so they had to send fighter jets to slow him down. However, Godzilla destroyed the fighter jets, and resumed his destruction. Running out of time, the Government was forced to send the incomplete, but operational, Shin Mechagodzilla to fight him. He started by using his missile launchers on his arms, which hadn't done anything. So, they enabled his pure energy beam. This did only the slightest damage. Godzilla returned more than the beating, using his atomic fire breath, which started to corroded Shin Mechagodzilla's armor. The battle lasted late until night, eventually resulting in Godzilla being dormant again, and Shin Mechagodzilla's armor heavily corroded, and too weak to do much. So while Godzilla was dormant, the Government repaired Shin Mechagodzilla and added the rest of his weapons. Godzilla was now awakening, and destroying Tokyo again. The tactic was to tire Godzilla out, and so after hours of fighting, Godzilla tired out, and they flew him into Mount Fuji.


Shin Mechagodzilla has a steel-gray color, and glowing yellow eyes. There is energy flows around its body.


Shin Mechagodzilla has 2 missile launchers on his arms, and blasts pure energy beams from the spines, mouth, and chest. The armor is made from a titanium, steel, and a newly discovered twice as tough as both of them, alloy. It's able to form a pure energy array above it by conducting the energy above itself.