Shin Minilla: Hero of Japan is a ten-episode miniseries written by Scoobydooman90001. It is set in an alternate universe that takes place two years after the events of Shin Godzilla. The series focuses on the titular character, Shin Minilla, a small human-sized ShinGoji that can speak English.


After the Japanese military managed to freeze Shin Godzilla, peace was restored to Japan and the crisis came to an end. Two years later, the frozen Godzilla shatters into thousands of shards and two Godzilla humanoids manage to break free. They soon combine to become stronger and grow into Shin Minilla. Briefly trying to finish what Godzilla had started, Shin Minilla soon decides to become Japan's protector instead, defending it from a large range of villains.

Main Characters

Shin Minilla

Standing at just 5 foot 10 inches tall, Shin Minilla is nowhere near as tall as his father. With a cocky and sassy attitude, Minilla truly believes he will always win his battles. He embraces the 'hero' title that the citizens of Japan give him. It isn't until the final episode when his attitude is broken and he is driven to the edge.

Shin Minilla's Tail

The second Godzilla humanoid that combined to create Shin Minilla was almost completely lost in the process, ending up becoming Shin Minilla's sentient tail. He has limited movement but is still a valuable asset. He speaks in a New Yorker accent and uses stereotypical mobster phrases, such as "ay boss" and "I've got a bone to pick with ya".

Little Godzilla

Though initially being rivals, Little Godzilla soon became Shin Minilla's best friend after the two of them worked together to defeat Manda and Varan. The two of them shook hands, becoming allies from that moment onward.

All 15 Episodes

Season 1

Season 2: The Final Threat

  • Episode 11 - Part One
  • Episode 12 - Part Two
  • Episode 13 - Part Three
  • Episode 14 - Part Four
  • Episode 15 - Part Five


List of Characters

Visit this page for a gallery showing the full list of characters, including those such as Kumonga and Demeking who make brief cameos but do not play big roles in any episode of the series.



  • Shin Minilla: Hero of Japan is the first miniseries on the FMK Wiki and therefore doesn't run for any further than one season. However, Godzilla Man was planned to have his own miniseries before it was cancelled.

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