Shocktra is an evil aztec spirit and the arch enemy of Wolfzilla.

Appearance Edit

Shocktra looks like a Tiger with patterns and feathers and all that stuff Wolfzilla has, but in different colors and eviler.

History Edit

Ancient times Edit

Shocktra was an ancient spirit that caused chaos and destruction. He occasionally sends out evil monsters to attack humanity. However, he was fended off by his ancient enemy Wolfzilla. His monsters were also often defeated by guardians like Mothra, the Ultras, etc. Shocktra was sealed away many years ago by Wolfzilla, Ultraman King, and Mothra.

Council of Creators (series) Edit

Main Article: Council of Creators Episode 8

Abilities Edit

  • Magic
  • Monster creation
  • Other abilities similar to Wolfzilla's

Trivia Edit

  • Shocktra was based off of an aztec sun god.
  • He is my second Kaiju that was created for Council of Creators

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